Jan 14 2020
02:38 pm

Bitter Southerner: In the mountains of East Tennessee, folks have a particular fondness for a sandwich that’s spent a few seconds in a Fresh-O-Matic steamer. Knoxvillians know that soft-bread love in their bones, but nobody seems to know exactly where it comes from. (link...)

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Nothing like a steamed turkey

Nothing like a steamed turkey on dark with provolone and mayo. Luckily there are still a few around but they are harder to find. Sam and Andy's out in Farragut is still my go to place.

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I pumped the roll steamer for

I pumped the roll steamer for every hamburger I served at my grandfather's butcher shop in Dublin, Ga. My 12th year was interesting and the burgers were awesome.

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Ham and smoked cheddar on

Ham and smoked cheddar on long dark with mayo, please.

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Another Interesting Food Topic

Turkey with pepper jack and mustard on dark for me. Growing up locally, I though this was how "hoagies" (using that term generically) were made. I was taken aback when I went to UT and found what would now resemble a sandwich from Subway being sold at "Sub Station II" near campus. Even more weird, some folks thought that was normal! I mean, who knew that such sandwiches weren't all steamed with no vegetables, oil, and such? Interesting article on an esoteric topic.

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