Feb 9 2006
08:26 am

Actually it is the God Resolution that was removed from the Knox County Commission agenda.

A resolution recognizing God as the foundation of "our national heritage" was mysteriously added to this month's Knox County Commission agenda.

It has now been withdrawn and will not be considered after the listed sponsor said he did not request that it be added.


On Tuesday when commission's agenda was released, the matter was listed as being sponsored by Commissioner Ivan Harmon.

On Wednesday Harmon said he did not ask that the resolution that he pushed two years ago be brought back. He said he didn't even know it was on the agenda until contacted for comment.

"I haven't introduced it," Harmon said. "Somebody else must have put it on. Maybe somebody just snuck it in there trying to play a joke."

Mysteriously appeared?  Snuck it in?  Playing a joke?  Oh pullleeezzzzzeeee!  Why don't I trust this man?

Harmon said he talked to Chairman Scott Moore on Wednesday and requested that it be withdrawn, at least "until after the elections," which are in August.

I'm really, really glad the thing is off the agenda.  The whole episode has raised some other questions.  Like just how honest is this commissioner (I can ask as he unfortunately represents me).  I didn't submit it, but withdraw it until AFTER the elections?  Yeah, right Ivan.   How stupid do you think people are, not to connect the dots?

Hey, Ivan, you need to come clean.


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