about Pond Gap school voting precinct. In the past they had 4 to 5 voting machines for big elections. This year they only have 3. Because of that, there are long lines. In the last pres. election Obama won this precinct. Coincident or not? Also, there was a teachers conference which caused the parking lot to be full. Coincident or not? I also saw on the news tonight someone else complaining about the fewer voting machines at a precinct that I did not remember which one. Coincident or not? I wonder how many other Democratic leaning precincts this has happened? Only time will tell.

Brian A.'s picture

My memory is really bad on

My memory is really bad on such things, but I was wondering if Cedar Bluff had fewer machines, too. They had a different arrangement this time.

Parking was also an issue there--had to circle a couple times to get a spot.

Factchecker's picture

Miss him yet? Yes!

Why did they fire Greg Mackay? ;.. > (

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fewer machines at gap creek school

in south knox -- three instead of the usual four. Not sure but i assume it leans GOP

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Fewer machines

Christenberry three machines instead of the usual five. Several complaints went in and two Election Commissions came out to observe and find out why all the phone calls. I was told the Administrator said several places had only three machines and the decision was based on number of early voters and some other unknown reason. Commissioners even asked about getting more machines to the polls and they were told no.

Do you think there was a plan to make it harder to vote and longer lines causing some to leave without voting?

When I left Christenberry about 5 pm, there was over 50 people already checked in, but waiting for a machine on which to vote.

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3 instead of 6 at Fountain City Library

I was a poll worker there and the length of the amendments caused voters to spend considerable time in the booth, causing far longer waits than usual.

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We had fewer machines at Mt.

We had fewer machines at Mt. Harmony Baptist church (in east Knox Co.) and had to wait for the first time. We're 2 of about 10 votes for Bronco Bama in this redest of red precincts, so it's doubtful there's a conspiracy. Didn't mind the 15 min wait. There were chairs so we just chilled and caught up with neighbors.

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I would like to know why

I would like to know why there's fewer machines in so many precincts tho. Voter apathy maybe?

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Me too. I don't get it.

Me too. I don't get it. Doesn't the county already own the machines? Why put out fewer ones than before?

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at my polling place

we had 4 machines instead of the usual 6 we had during the Primary. At the worst, it caused about a 30 minute wait for some folks. And we had an easy ballot, as the county voters only had the 4 offices to vote for, Pres, Senate, and two house.

City voters had a liquor sales in package stores for Oliver Springs. It didnt pass.

Still, it caused some waiting, but I dont remember seeing anyone that walked away....

by 630...no waiting at all, the number of people coming in slowed down quite a bit by then.

Anderson Co had about 18000 early voters....The EC expected that same amt of voters for voting day as well.

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