Nov 19 2017
10:20 am

Or, technology can drive me crazy.

For business I keep most, if not all, of my email correspondence. It's good to have a reference to past communications. For years we used Microsoft email clients, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Live Mail. For quite a while we used Microsoft Exchange Email.

To make things simpler and cheaper we have moved our business email to Google Mail even though we are still using Windows Live Mail for personal emails.

It could be that I am just so familiar with Microsoft products, but I'm thinking Google still doesn't get it.

Trying to print an email the other day, it took three tries to get it right. The standard has been, Alt-F, P to print. I can only guess that the standards started with IBM and Microsoft and that Google doesn't want to go there. I could not find a Google menu for printing. I did find that you could Right-click and select print from that menu. But it doesn't print correctly, e.g. sentences didn't wrap so you are missing some text. I finally found a little tiny printer icon at the top, right of the email. Google Mail then has to open another browser page with the print options. Alrighty, then.


Then there are my email filing needs. We created an archive in Microsoft emails where we could create folder and sub-folders to file and easily find previous emails. For example, we have a folder for Customers. Under the Customer folder we have folders for each of our customers. We have lots of Archive folders. We were able to convert our archive folders from Microsoft to Google using Labels, not folders. However, as of right now only one person can move emails to the archives. Something about ownership or rights or something. In addition, Sent emails can't really be moved to the archives. You can only move Sent emails to the Inbox. Then they can be moved to the archives. Except the Sent emails don't really get moved from the Sent emails. A copy is placed in the Inbox and the Sent mail is tagged with an Inbox label. You can then Move the Inbox email you copied from the Sent mail to an archive and the Sent mail is tagged with the archive label name. You still cannot delete the email from the Sent mail. If you do that it deletes the email from all the labels (folders), e.g. archives. Wow, is that user-friendly or what? Plus, it takes more of my time.

Ease of use, I think not. It's been preached for years that standards are good. But, I'm thinking that now there are the different companies becoming the big boys in technology used by humans, they don't want to play together and they don't understand user friendly. Of course I guess it won't matter soon since no one will remember there used to be Alt-F, P, or Alt-F, S, or the Alt key at all. The least they could do is standardize on where they are going to put the tools, e.g. print icon, on the page.

I will say it sure is a lot easier to find things on the Internets.

Back in the day when we received resumes for application programming positions. Graduates from the local university, not Univ. of TN, bragged about writing a compiler or an operating system. Hmmmm... How many of those are needed? Are they teaching application programming anymore? Are they teaching about user interfaces?

For some reason this rant started after reading the NYT article "Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over".

Signing off now, Alt-F, X (Chrome has an Alt-F menu).


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