Mr. Mulvaney — who as a Republican congressman was the co-sponsor of legislation to shut down the consumer bureau — is expected to remain in his position at the Office of Management and Budget and oversee both agencies until a permanent director of the consumer agency is approved, said the official, who requested anonymity because the decision had not yet been made public.

Mulvaney Expected to Run Watchdog Agency He Wanted to Kill

The Dismal Future of Trump's Least Favorite Agency

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...the CFPB has proved hungry

...the CFPB has proved hungry to take on big banks, shady payday lenders and everything in between. In the wake of Wells Fargo's fake account scandal, for example, CFPB ordered the bank to pay a $185 million fine and dole out $5 million in customer refunds. The agency also maintains a public database of complaints against financial companies.

Why Wall Street and Republicans hate the CFPB

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Trump has appointed people to

Trump has appointed people to disassemble State, EPA, HUD, Education, Energy, etc., why not CFPB?

Putin's got to be laughing over his Borscht every day. He didn't just interfere with an election, he drove a Trojan Horse right into the White House.

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