Oct 30 2017
10:57 am
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"On or about March 14, 2016,

"On or about March 14, 2016, while traveling in Italy, defendant
PAPADOPOULOS met an individual who was a professor based in London (the "Professor"). Initially, the Professor seemed uninterested in defendant PAPADOPOULOS. However, after defendant P AP ADOPOULOS infonned the Professor about his joining the Campaign, the Professor appeared to take great interest in defendant PAPADOPOULOS ."

If that was a chance meeting on "the Professor's" part, my name is Englebert Humperdink.

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Mystery Professor

This just popped up from Mother Jones.... and Washington Post

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(No subject)

"...we thought it was just a Boy's Club badge he wore..."

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“proactive cooperator”

Papad - wearing wire for 3 months?...

But how did campaign staff find out that Papadopoulos had been arrested? One logical possibility: He told them himself in the course of asking for “advice” from them on how to obstruct the investigation, which some of them may have provided. Suddenly those people woke up this morning and realized they’d had conversations with Papadopoulos recently about how to throw Mueller off the trail and only now do they realize he’s been in cahoots with Mueller for three months. Hoo boy.

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Papadopoulo, cool name. Trump

Papadopoulo, cool name.

Trump admits Mueller's investigation and the news media are correct.

According to Trump, however, Papadopoulos is “already proven to be a liar.”

Papadopoulos, a campaign foreign policy aide, admitted lying to the FBI about his outreach to Russia during the campaign. Now he's being charged with federal crimes.

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At some point liberals are

At some point liberals are going to realize that, at this point, a lot of folks despise them more than Russians. It's going to be painful.

The only thing this Russian nonsense is doing is giving Trump something to complain about and keeping his voters activated. Do you know one person annoyed over it today that wasn't a disgruntled person November 9th ?

Probably not.

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No, I'm pretty sure liberals

No, I'm pretty sure liberals already realize that. Actions by the folks that despise make it quite apparent.

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It's not the liberals who

It's not the liberals who Trump people need to worry about. it's the people who bought into Trump as a fix for the economy in places where it is actually broken. He sold them a line that he would fix it and that hasn't happened. Now, we know that turning around West Virginia and parts of the Midwest can't happen overnight, those voters don't know that and when Old Sylvester McMonkey McBean rolled in and said "I am a deal maker. A bigly deal maker who makes deals. Deals for you!" they bought it as a present to be unwrapped and played with immediately. What have they gotten? A scandal plagued disaster of an ineffective administration hitched to an already do-nothing GOP controlled congress. It's sort of like getting socks for Christmas when you asked for the Evel Knineval Snake Canyon Rocket Motorcycle. If things click together in 2018 with SCOTUS gunning for partisan gerrymandering and a single-dip recession (see the rate on I-series bonds today), the GOP is going to be a smoldering pile of rubble.

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At some point anonymous

At some point anonymous pot-shotters will realize that you can't get the lowest approval polling in presidential history simply by pissing off Liberals.

Just kidding, no they won't. That would take thought.

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