Mar 22 2019
06:35 pm

No new indictments. AG says he may be able to report a summary of findings to Congress as early as this weekend. Intends to make as much public as allowed by policy and law.

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What the AG is going to do is

What the AG is going to do is whitewash the report.

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Matt Taibbi has the obituary.

Matt Taibbi has the obituary.

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Or, from the Washington

Or, from the Washington Post,

Every report on past presidential scandal was a warning. Why didn’t we listen?

“No group of prosecutors and supporting personnel ever have labored under greater public scrutiny,” the special counsel report declares on its opening page. “Every decision seemed to be a delicate one and previously uncharted courses frequently had to be faced. Each action occurred in the midst of a national turmoil.”

It was 1975, and the Watergate Special Prosecution Force had just issued a lengthy report after 28 months investigating Richard Nixon’s administration and his campaign

Embedded in all of these reports are strident calls for reform, urgent pleas for citizens to defend their democracy, grudging conclusions that new laws or old guardrails alone will not protect us, and, above all, the simple exhortation to elect leaders of integrity.

“Watergate was not invented by enemies of the Nixon Administration or even by the news media,” he wrote in his opening statement to the committee’s massive 1974 report. “On the contrary, Watergate was perpetrated upon America by White House and political aides, whom President Nixon himself had entrusted with the management of his campaign for reelection.”

So much of this article can be modified for the current administration.

“Russiagate was not invented by enemies of the Trump Administration or even by the news media,” he wrote in his opening statement to the committee’s massive 2019 report. “On the contrary, Russiagate was perpetrated upon America by White House and political aides, whom President Trump himself had entrusted with the management of his campaign for reelection.”

The report of the Senate committee, appearing just weeks before Trump’s resignation, detailed the offenses of the Russiagate era: the broad effort to destroy the integrity of the electoral process, the hush-money payments and assurances of clemency for some of the original defendants, the use of federal agencies as instruments of political revenge and electoral machination, and so much more.

Will there be a Sam Ervin, Howard Baker, Fred Thompson, etc. to review the report and confront the president?

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the Taibbi article is great

the Taibbi article is great!

unfortunately, liberals may not wake up from this russiagate fever dream in time to realize they have to present a real alternative to the politics of the reactionary right.

the fake #resistance‘s choice to consume conspiracy theories promoted by mass media instead of developing & promoting a popular left politics has done little else but fortify public support for the trump administration heading into the next cycle.

one of the worst things about the years of russiagate BS was that it allowed liberals to fantasize that the win & governance by trump was something both foreign and abnormal, rather than what it actually is: a distillation of the nation's dominate ideology, 100% made in america

here's a quote from a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend that i liked :

Not a profound observation, but the reason this Mueller bullshit became so intoxicating for liberals was because it reinforced core elements of their worldview: conflict between countries (and patriotically closing ranks toward ones "own" country), seeing the state as a neutral arbiter of justice, and, relatedly, fundamental hostility or suspicion of class conflict and mass mobilization as the motor of change.

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I think your friend is over

I think your friend is over thinking it. The reason it was so intoxicating is that it presented the possibility overturning the results of the 2016 election. In that regard it was no different than the recounts, the calls for faithless electors, the emoluments lawsuits and all the rest. Now hopes and dreams are being cast towards the prosecutors of the SDNY (I saw SDNY t-shirts for sale on the internet yesterday). So really, it's not so complicated or full of deep meaning as your friend of a friend suggests. It's about removing Trump from office by any means necessary.

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you’re right!

absolutely the most important thing offered by the russiagate conspiracy fandom to liberals was the chance to reverse 2016, i guess that goes without saying. I think the post is good because it points out aspects of liberal ideology (that liberals may not even be conscious of) that russiagate fervor brought into stark relief when viewed from a critical leftist perspective.

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RIP russiagate 2015-2019


The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the evidence gathered in the special counsel’s investigation was “not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense,” Barr wrote.

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You seem giddy that Trump

You seem giddy that Trump wasn't indicted. Guess you will be giddy when he's reelected. Like you were when Hillary lost.


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love 2 tell queer people that they were “giddy when trump won” when they criticize a liberal conspiracy fandom that served as a placeholder for having a winning political strategy

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Your bullshit is mindless!

Your bullshit is mindless!

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care to elucidate?

care to elucidate?

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I'm looking for the leak.

I want to read as much of the report as possible. I think it may expose Chauncy Gardener.

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I like to watch.

I like to watch.

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Yes, there will be growth in the spring

As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.

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More Taibbi worth reading.

More Taibbi worth reading.


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This manipulative brand of news programming preyed upon the emotional devastation of liberal audiences, particularly the older people who watch cable. It told them the horror they felt over Trump’s election would be alleviated in short order. The median age of the CNN viewer is 60 and MSNBC’s is 65, and these people were urged for years to place their trust in Santa BOB, who knew all and whose investigation would surely lead to impeachment and “the end.”

All you had to do was keep turning in, because the good news could come any minute now! The bombshell is coming! Never mind that this is causing our profits to soar. Don’t wonder about our motives, even though outlets like MSNBC saw a 62 percent bump in viewership in the first full year of Russiagate coverage. Just keep tuning in. The walls are closing in!

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This describes my GF's mum

This describes my GF's mum perfectly. She's sat in front of MSNBC night after night for the past two years, lapping it up. I'd really like to know how shocked she is at the news, but I'm scared to ask. So is the GF.

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