Apr 12 2018
10:42 pm

Attended my first, and maybe only MPC meeting today

Interesting sitting thru the various issues. Also a bit long and tedious. But part of it.

I was impressed with Elizabeth Eason several times. Listened and broke down cases to simple form and provided thoughtful, objective opinions. Any chance she would run for office?

Laura Cole had a couple good comments.

One commissioner said their job was only to determine the "best use of the dirt" in that spot. The implication seemed to be to disregard impact on things like schools, roads, quality of life, noise, pollution, etc. All that was someone else job. Several folks in the audience sounded shocked by that viewpoint, and rightly so.

Charles Lomax had a couple good moments. A couple more folks on commission are not on their web site that I thought had some good moments. I cannot recall their name.

Janice Tocher did a good job running the meeting. I might have preferred her with more input from an analysis and comment perspective.

Sitting thru the long meeting you seem to pick up on some consistent tendencies of some of the commissioners. A couple became a bit predictable over time. Everything looks like a nail if you have a hammer.

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Not hard to spot the

Not hard to spot the Commissioners who do a good job, is it? There are more than you mentioned too.

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Hardin Valley neighbors happy new developments weren't approved

Seems pretty simple, like continuing to pour water in a glass after it is full

Hardin Valley neighbors happy new developments weren't approved

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