Heard tonight that DiscoverET.org is now part of Knoxville history with many non-for-profit organizations looking for a new web host.

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Looks like maybe their domain

Looks like maybe their domain registration expired and attempted to auto-renew on Jan. 8th but the auto-renew failed. (Expired credit card?) They should be able to fix that pretty easy.

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That accounts for the timing;

That accounts for the timing; however, as I heard it, the administrator sent an email notifying the participating organizations that it involved more of his time than he could afford to give it and he was officially shutting it down.

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Wow, that's pretty harsh.

Wow, that's pretty harsh. Wouldn't that be up to their board or something? Surely they can get someone to take it over.

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Nonprofit hosting thoughts

Dreamhost offers free hosting to U.S.-based nonprofits. See: (link...)

I'm not going to be critical of the DiscoverET administrator.

Since 2005 I have been providing free hosting to a few nonprofits (10 to 20 or so). The monetary cost is low; a single $30/month Hostdime.com reseller account can hold 100 or more nonprofits, each with its own control panel.

The big cost is in labor for administration and support, which is why I can't make a blanket offer to host all comers. I can only afford to make the offer to a limited number of trusted webmasters who also promise to abide by my security recommendations.

-- OneTahiti

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