Aug 15 2013
05:52 am

A 24 year old woman and her 2 year old child were attacked while walking the trails at Ijams Nature Center. The woman was sexually assaulted. According to the director of Ijams, this is the first act of violence since he has been there, 13 years.

This is sad and outrageous. Ijams is place of peace and tranquility. We need quick action to get this guy off the streets. If anyone knows anything, please contact the Knoxville Police Department.

gonzone's picture

Time for a citizen patrol?

All you walkers, hikers, and bikers in the area, think maybe you could get a little more exercise and patrol these trails? We can't have people afraid to get out and enjoy nature.

Hearing about this brings out the more violent inclinations in me. It would be a sad day were I to come upon such an act because one of us would suffer injury.

Let's hope this miscreant is apprehended soon. Grrrr...

reform4's picture

But wait....

... didn't the state allow the carrying of guns in all the parks now?

Why didn't all those guns stop this crime? I'm confused.

Bill Lyons's picture

The ban on guns in City of Knoxville parks is still in place

In 2009 the Knoxville City Council voted to keep the ban on guns is parks. The state legislation was written so that cities could continue the policy.

redmondkr's picture

Park Assault Deterrant Kit*

Our Miss Lu (and the Old Man)

*Works well with attractive people too.

Observer's picture

Heck of an idea, how do you

Heck of an idea, how do you put that dog in your pocket?

redmondkr's picture

Hardly Pocketable

We placed a 'Pocket Rottie' last March who weighed only 62 pounds, but Lulu tips the scales at 126. She's people friendly and she loves kids, but Rotties are very possessive, and they will not tolerate aggression toward their humans.

Lucille's picture

dog as deterrent to attack

Didn't work for her. And her dog was a German Shepherd. And she was attractive. (link...)

redmondkr's picture

I see the document mentions

I see the document mentions only that the victim was walking her dog and there is nothing in it about any action taken by the animal or about the dog's age. I wouldn't expect a puppy to provide protection but I can't imagine even an elderly German Shepherd standing idly by during such an assault.

Most dogs, even little dogs, will give their lives in an attempt to protect their human. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Treehouse's picture

Ban is good

The horrible comments on knoxnews are all about guns and how she could have defended herself if she had a gun. As if it might not be a dangerous thing to have around a 2 year old. I have walked alone in Ijams for years and will continue to do so. I feel terrible that this happened and wonder why the middle of the afternoon of a Wednesday. But I won't let the assholes stop me. And I would feel more threatened by knowing someone had a gun in Ijams, not less. It's the good guys that are going to keep us safe and I include my hiking and biking friends in that group. Please keep an eye out for your neighbors and thanks.

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They should mark the trails

They should mark the trails similar to interstates with evenly spaced distance markers. The trail name and an emergency desk number could also be on it. The desk could then send out a 911 on either Facebook or Twitter so fellow hikers could quickly converge on the area. Or is this a crazy idea.

rocketsquirrel's picture

That's not a bad idea at all.

That's not a bad idea at all. (the trail markers)

reform4's picture


My comment was a bit of snark, knowing than a city ban doesn't stop any CCW people I know....

But yes, a protective dog would be more effective in every way. And it's impossible to take someone's dog away from them and use it against them. Dogs are kinda different that way.

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According to local reports

According to local reports there have been three additional incidents on Knoxville's greenways. One on the Jean Teague Greenway in West Hills and another on the Third Creek Greenway near UT's campus. In a separate incident, a woman encountered a peeping tom in the restrooms at Tyson Park.

According to Knoxville Police Department Sgt. Sammy Schaeffer, "There's not a greenway or park in Knoxville that I would not send my wife and children tonight and I can say that with all honesty."

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