Dec 12 2008
07:21 am

Sean Braisted has analysis of the latest episode.

It appears candidate Charles Robert Bone, who is working the refs and was recently sort of endorsed by the governor, is running a Nashville-centric "insider" campaign. Meanwhile, Chip Forrester has been all over the state meeting with executive committee members and county party chairs and is communicating with anybody who will listen, including progressive bloggers.

Charles Robert Bone is communicating mainly through Kleinheider by way of secret operatives who are telling us why we shouldn't like the other guy but don't say much about why we should like their guy. There are probably some Tennessee Democrats who would like to know more about him and his plans for the critical next two years.


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UPDATE: Katie Allison Granju

bill young's picture

Partisan Democratic Party Politics..Just Win,Baby!!

I was raised in politics up in Hamblen County.

Senator Walters was a powerful Democratic state chairman from Hamblen County in the '50s & early '60s.

I mention Senator Walters because the young folks in his organizatin learned politics from the master.Those young folks became the old hands that ran Hamblen County from the late '70s until the early '90s.

Former Morristown Mayor John Johnson,the late Sheriff Charles Long,the late Hamblen County Executive Paul Bruce & Walters' nephews George Herbert & Tracy Prater were just a few of folks in Walters' organization that taught me about politics.

What I learned from them is that partisan Democratic Party politics is about winning.

I was taught..everybody's welcome..if you say you are a Democrat you are a Democrat.If you run as a Democrat you are a Democrat & we want you to win.

A true PARTISAN is 100% for Obama,Bredesen & Davis.They are Democrats they win amen.

The smart PARTISAN would not have wasted time throwing Democratic incumbent Kurita off the ballot but would have spent that time plotting how to hold the State House district 2 seat.

As I read the links I cant understand this idea of Democratic Party branding & message.No way does State Representatives Litz & Armstrong want to run on the same brand/message.

I know both of them & both need to stay in State House.I can't see Hamblen County being interested in the same things as east Knoxville.They will agree when they need to agree.Let the candidates write their own message.

Did the Obama tactic of calling & canvasing out of state hurt? Didn't help in State House district 2 where the Democrat lost by 326 votes & the State House would be 50-49 for the Democrats if we would have won that seat.Obama folks have to understand that this is a point well taken.I did not say agree because winning Virginia was important but understand the point well taken.

As has been posted elsewhere the Democratic establishment did not see the Republican take over coming nor did I.

Fact is,I did hear Democrats panick when we thought Fred Thompson would be the Republican nominee for president.He lost & we started counting chickens before they hatched.

What can the Democratic Party do?

1.Understand PARTISAN politics is about winning.Nothing else.

2.Party website that links where you live to Democrats in your neighborhood or building.Ask folks to create committees on the block or in the building or around the neighborhood.

3.Spend money to register voters in DEMOCRATIC neighborhoods & turn them out.

I want to stress that one can be a Democrat & not like or vote for some Democratic candidates or incumbents.

BUT if you want to get involved with DEMOCRATIC PARTY PARTISAN POLITICS you have put winning above all else.

Thats what the next chair of the Party needs to focused on...WINNING!!

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