Feb 3 2006
07:41 am

I was shopping for a lamp (sleek, contemporary, light wood, not industrial) the other day. Since I was already on the West side of town, I started at The Gallery and continued West. Stops included four furniture stores and one lighting store, to no avail. The decision then was to head downtown or “Turkey Creek”. I was thinking Braden’s and remembered their newest location at Turkey Creek. The Braden’s Lifestyle store places a focus on contemporary furniture. Wow! The Turkey Creek shopping area keeps expanding, three furniture stores, a Super Target, and a Linens ‘n Things, all with lamp possibilities. The shopping area was bustling with activity. I found a lamp that perfectly fit my criteria, thus it was worth the trip. Then, I read in the new Knoxville Business Journal, a monthly publication I received at the office, more is coming to Turkey Creek. Yikes! This shopping haven continues to expand, with the possibility of a Costco. What can I say? I like options. Look out WestTown Mall.

 Update: In all of this planning for the "South Knoxville Waterfront", maybe they could get a grocery store, drug store, and an outlet center like in Chattanooga!

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I hope you're kidding.

I hope you're kidding. While I'd love to see a drugstore and a small grocery along the Sevier Avenue, if the waterfront turns out anything like Turkey Creek I'll slit my wrists.

Or at least move.

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