Oct 20 2017
10:14 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Forwarded by Tennessee Is Not For Sale:

Chattanooga City Council voted unanimously in opposition to outsourcing at The University of Tennessee/Chattanooga and Chattanooga State Community College.

Thanks to Demetrus Coonrod District 9 and Russell Gilbert District 5 for sponsoring the resolution!

Anyone know where Knoxville City Council is on this issue?

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The [Chattanooga City

The [Chattanooga City Council] resolution comes three weeks after Michael McCamish, associate professor of criminal justice at Chattanooga State, and Jared Story, administrative assistant for UTC housing and residence life, publicly asked for the council's support.

The [Chattanooga city] council voted 9-0 to formerly urge the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Chattanooga State Community College to not participate in a statewide outsourcing program for facility services.

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I know local workers and

I know local workers and activists asked for Council's (and County Commission's) support. Letters opposing outsourcing were published in the News-Sentinel. County Commission, under the leadership of Evelyn Gill, did pass a resolution opposing outsourcing at UTK.

UPDATE: I have confirmed that members of City Council were approached on this issue, but no resolution was sponsored or put forth. This is a shame, as hundreds of good local jobs and support for local vendors could be at stake if outsourcing is approved. With all the talk of 'economic development' and 'job creation,' you'd think Council would be on this ...

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What's even better,

What's even better, Outsourcing bid at UTC would cost school more.

I saw this report in the Maryville Daily Times.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that real estate giant Jones Lang LaSalle acknowledged in documents that it would cost the university $263,217 more to use the for-profit company's services for combined institutional maintenance and student housing.
But JLL said it would expect to find more savings over time as it learned about operations.
The company also noted that the school doesn't have the ability to run some services like heating and air conditioning and the physical plant.

"The removal of several core facility management functions reduces synergies and dilutes our ability to deliver overall savings, which impacts our projected savings in the proposal to UTC," Tom Foster, a Jones Lang LaSalle executive vice president and account director for the state of Tennessee account, said in a statement.
State Rep. Mike Carter, a Chattanooga Republican who once supported more outsourcing, said his experience with Jones Lang LaSalle's management of the legislative office complex has led him to conclude that "theory often doesn't meet practice." He cited an inability to keep restrooms stocked as an example of where service has been lacking.

"Think about it," he said. "If they don't provide soap and towels to the very people who vote on their contract, what will they do to the people who have no say?"

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Outsourcing STATE JOBS; will NOT SAVE MONEY/Haslam's goal is:

TO DESTROY UNION JOBS in he did in TN Jails and Prisons...which cut the number of staff (guards, social workers, etc ) in HALF...I heard a speaker, a union leader at the new Prison near Knox County, in 2015, after the 'prisons' outsourcing, talking about why the prisons are much more UNSAFE now. The remaining staff have to work much longer hours, and they are NOT SAFE or SECURE and neither are the prisoners.
I have personally marched and protested SEVERAL times, standing beside these super, skilled employees at UTK. Outsourcing over 1,000 jobs at UTK will cause students to drop out, including the children of these employees. And the local economy will be hurt because "JLL" will no longer deal with LOCAL COMPANIES but with out-of-state companies.
I am proud of UTC and State Colleges in Chattanooga AND also ETSU in Johnson City, who decided to keep these great employees...and in many cases, keeping all who are STUDENTS in class (as they could not afford tuition without these good jobs. Also, it was proven last year that Haslam has been investing in JLL for several years. What does that tell ya ?

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University of Tennessee system has rejected Haslam's outsourcing plan. Thanks to Knoxville County Commission for supporting the anti-outsourcing campaign, protecting up to 700 local jobs.

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and this from CWG

and this from CWG

In what can only be seen as a huge repudiation of Gov. Bill Haslam's priorities, the University of Tennessee's four campuses are declining to sign on to the state's massive outsourcing contract with Jones Lang LaSalle.

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Will they still make him the

Will they still make him the university president even he wants the job?

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From the Nashville Post,

From the Nashville Post, Haslam said:

"There's no recriminations from us or anyone else involved here," Haslam told ... DiPietro during the higher education budget hearing. "We're not going to give less money to higher ed because you didn't do what we wanted you to do."

"But," the governor added, "I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I was disappointed in the way the process played out."

[UT Board of] Trustees criticized the decision [to not outsource] saying it lacked financial justification and would make it hard to go to the state to ask for money in the future.

UTK had previously outsourced half of its custodial work, and the service under that contract was such a disaster, according to faculty and staff at the time, the school opted to bring all custodial employees back in house as state employees.

Haslam, it's all about politics.

"I understand they are subject to the politics of the governor’s office, legislature and campus workers' union and all sorts of people, but great universities live in the midst of that and work past it," Haslam told The Tennessean.

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