Dec 18 2006
10:07 am

The KNS reports today that Lowes will not be subject to city property taxes nor will their sales tax go to the city. I had not heard that before, but maybe I just missed it.

The Halls Shopper reports that the developer is late in providing documentation required to receive the first $1 million payment on $2 million due from the city as part of the annexation deal, or at least the city cannot locate the documents.

Which is no big deal, really, because...

...the Halls Shopper also reports the Knox County Election Commission's lawyer issued an opinion on the referendum process and said "strict compliance is not necessary."

I guess that applies to everything connected to the deal. Except writing the checks, of course.

P.S. I was under the impression that the KEC had followed procedure and was just doing what they were told and doing it by the book, but state law seems pretty clear on the notifications required. I seem to recall previous reporting that notifications were not provided, or am I mistaken on that?

It's pretty clear that the one guy qualified to vote on the referendum got proper notification. Wink wink, nudge nudge. But what about taxpayers who might have had something to say about it? And didn't a petition have to be approved by City Council or something? I'm not clear on all that, but maybe it has already been reported.

And aren't there supposed to be some city service plans and emergency service notifications and maps and things to go along with the deal? Those should be interesting. KFD and KPD respond to calls at the Snip Stop Hair Cut Shop, and Rural Metro (or who?) responds to calls at Lowes? The Snip Stop gets their water from the KUB and Lowes gets their water and sewer from Knox-Chapman Utility District? Are there separate lines? Etc. etc.

Either way, that would be quibbling about "strict compliance" and whatnot, sort of like "strict compliance" with the county charter, term limits, etc. Business as usual, etc. etc.

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The Election Commission, I

The Election Commission, I assume - it could have been the City - published a full page notice in the Knoxville News-Sentinel. It caught my attention because, as I recall, the sample ballot had already been published and the notice didn't appear to relate to any of the referendems appearing on the ballot. It was certainly more information than I can recall seeing published about any of the other referendums.

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