Dec 16 2012
05:33 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

We needed an antidote to the news, and Moonrise Kingdom filled the bill. I'm not quite sure what to make of this quirky story about two kids who don't fit in and how they choose to deal with it, except to say that it's one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

It unfolds like a storybook, and the opening scene portends the symphonic layering of the story you are about to see. The understated, at times surreal, cinematic style is a refreshing reminder that not everything has to be over the top and in your face to be effective and entertaining.

(They didn't have to kill the dog, though. But the director apparently has a weird penchant for killing off dog characters in his movies. It's not so tragic otherwise, and in fact uplifting.)

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Fifty years later, being a Scout leader really hasn't changed all that much.

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That's a funny clip. I hope,

That's a funny clip. I hope, though, that readers don't get the impression that the movie is about scouting. It's about many things. Scouting is one backdrop. Regrets and resignation another. Defiance of authority and norms is another. And coming of age. And more subtly, blue eye shadow and battery-powered phonograph players and trampolines and fear of abandonment, among others.

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You're right

I think I'll go out in the yard and cut down a tree now.

Don't forget the thankless job of parenting and the void it can leave in your soul.

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I really like Frances

I really like Frances McDormand. Although, she had a fairly small part. The kids were great. Yes, there were lots of subtle messages in this movie. I loved it.

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The music is the story

SKB, I too loved this movie and did some googling about the music in it. Wes Anderson and his brother actually performed in their church's play, much like the scene in the movie. Also, the voice on the phonograph is actually that of the composer Paul Britten.


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