Aug 25 2008
05:57 pm

The View from Tennessee
The view from Tennessee

Chairman Howard Dean gaveled the convention into session just a little after three. There are lots of empty seats, but people are trickling in. There are a dozen or so delegates from Tennessee. Next door, Texas has a full house.

This part of the session is mostly introduction of convention officials and presentation of official reports. The main event starts a 7PM MT.

Was talking to a Clinton delegate who said she would cast her vote for Clinton on the first roll call because that’s who the people in her district voted for. She hopes other pledged Clinton delegates will do the same. She said there has been no pressure from the Obama campaign and the TNDP has not provided any guidance or instructions one way or another and delegates are free to vote for whoever they want.

In unrelated news, Rep. Lincoln Davis held a luncheon for delegates today. We are told that Davis will announce for Governor in January.

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Gray Sasser said that he has spoken with every Tennessee delegate and they are all unified behind Sen. Obama, regardless of whether they vote for Clinton on a first ballot as a show of support. Delegates Tammy Bradford of Jackson and Anthony Lamb of Ripley noted that Clinton said today she will release her delegates, and if so they will vote for Obama as instructed because "she’s in charge."

Delegate Jack Cunningham of Milan is looking forward to hearing Obama talk about the economy and getting us out of the war. When asked how rural voters feel about Obama, Cunningham said "they don’t know him yet."

If their enthusiasm is any indication, we’re sure that after the convention the Tennessee delegates will be "fired up and ready to go" talk to voters in their communities, rural and otherwise, about Sen. Obama.

UPDATE: The tribute to Sen. Kennedy was moving and the reaction when he took the stage was overwhelming. Even more moving was his speech, in which he promised to be there in January when Obama is sworn in as president. It was the best moment of the night so far.

UPDATE: Michelle Obama hit it out of the park and the crowd went wild.

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Thanks So Much

It's almost as if you guys packed us all up in a suitcase and took us with you.

Just out of curiosity, did you have to use your longest lens for that shot?

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Teddy, Michele and empathy

That was a pretty inspiring opening night.
My mom keeps talking about George Lakoff's framing which got me thinking about how the dems are actually doing a lot better with the framing these days. Empathy is a powerful frame for the dems and Teddy and Michele both did some masterful empathizing, with Teddy especially challenging the rest of us to do the same.

I thought Michele gave one of the best speeches of this whole campaign.
A great take on empathy framing too. Get voters to empathize with Michele and Barack's story and you get them empathizing with the working class and minorities-which just might swing the election.

Far and away the most powerful and effective speech by a first lady I have every seen. Better than many of Barack's speeches. I hope they replay Michele's speech when Cindy McCain gets up there and makes sweet platitudes about "loving her country".

And the last bit with Michele and the kids on stage with Barack via satellite was a brilliant move at humanizing all of them. Very powerful stuff. Say what you want about a supposed lack of experience (mainly in DC), but you cannot deny that the Obamas are masters of politics.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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Yeah, good pic. I keep

Yeah, good pic. I keep trying to see the TN delegation on tv. The cameras don't get over to that area often and when they do not for long.

bizgrrl's picture

I turned in at the end of

I tuned in at the end of Michelle Obama's speech. What I saw was very good. I was a little confused about the music afterwards, Isn't she lovely, a song by Steve Wonder. I thought they were going to a Maybelline commercial.

Hildegard's picture

I hear for Hillary's

I hear for Hillary's endorsement speech they're gonna play Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie. 'Member? The chopper scene in Apocalypse Now: "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning."

bizgrrl's picture

Well, heck yeah. Clinton was

Well, heck yeah. Clinton was running for President, not wife of a President. Kick butt and take names:)

Rachel's picture

The music sucks.

The music sucks.

bizgrrl's picture

Ain't nobody here dissing

Ain't nobody here dissing Stevie Wonder. He truly is one of the best of all time, IMO. Just don't much care for the song placement. Thought it was going to a makeup commercial or introducing Miss America.

Rachel's picture

In most cases, it's the

In most cases, it's the execution.

Not Stevie. No way would I diss Stevie. My neck is safe.

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I really enjoyed Michelle's

I really enjoyed Michelle's speech. I also enjoyed that visit with 'Uncle Teddy'. I pray that he will be able to honor that commitment to be there when Congress convenes next year.

And dear Lord protect Barack Obama from all the nuts out there who are so filled with hate.

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What a night..Jimmy,Caroline,Teddy & Michelle.

Thanks for the coverage I'm enjoying the reading what's happening in the Tn delegation.

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Was there a dry eye in the

Was there a dry eye in the house during Teddy Kennedy's tribute and speech? Even Maria Schriver was tearing up.

I'm really sorry I missed Andrew Tobias. He's a software and accounting guru from the early days of PCs.

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Andrew Tobias

Do you read his daily web column? Today's is titled "Sorry: Down is NOT Up". It's a fun and occasionally strange mix of politics (DNC Treasurer for many years), financial, and personal interests (Cooking Like a Guy is particularly funny).

BTW, try to find PBS coverage of the convention when you are staying with the pupster. They're actually covering the films and speeches with minimal breaks for analysis. Also, they have a shot across the podium that a least looks in the direction of the Tennessee delegation, long shot though it is. C-Span is, of course, gavel-to-gavel, if you can get it.

bizgrrl's picture

Thanks for the tips. I don't

Thanks for the tips. I don't read his column regularly, though I should. He's a good writer with lots of common sense.

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Since Stevie W wrote 'Isn't She Lovely' about his newborn

daughter, I thought it was a pretty appropriate way to intro the Obama babies. They are indeed lovely children.

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