Jan 27 2006
02:09 pm
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It appears Roane County is destined to maintain a continuous national black eye unless leadership changes are made on August 3rd. Citizens have the opportunity to vote March 30 on the jail issue. Consider this roane, we only handle around 10 maximum security prisoners a year. Why do we need to pay for a 150 bed maximum security facility when a new minimum security facility will suffice? A little remodeling on the existing maximum security facility should bring it up to acceptable. Just a note;Gene McClure is the only Sheriff candidate to take a public stand at the commission meeting against moving the jail to Roane State.

When are we going to have a primary in this county? The Sheriff race has 8 candidates vying for this seat. There are only 2 candidates that are actually qualified to hold this office. The Sheriff budget is over 4 million dollars. Just because most of these candidates have been former police officers doesn't make them good administrators. Most of these candidates have no previous supervisory or administrative experience and excuse me but I think we have enough problems in this county without turning over 4 million of the taxpayers money to a deputy. That being said the current sheriff and once again Gene McClure are the only candidates that have managed multi-million dollar budgets. That certainly narrows the field down doesn't it.

I feel it's time for the corruption in this county to cease. Tennessee is the 3rd leading methamphetamine producer in the nation, roane county is 3rd in the state and by all calculations that makes us top 10 in the United States! How did this happen?Can meth actually be stopped in this county? Let me respond;it happened because it was allowed to happen by our local law enforcement. Most of the same men running for sheriff have been wearing a badge the last 10 years why haven't they addressed this problem already? They would have the voters believe that changing badges will change the way they perform their duties, haha. I know to hear them tell it their hands are tied! County officers are free to drive drunk, force female informants to have sex with them and perjure themselves in court without having their jobs terminated. You and I are supposed to believe that they can break the law without punishment but if they enforce the law they will be terminated. Are you as sick of excuses as I am? Vote for the man that will make no excuses! He knows he cannot stop the users but he can stop the production in Roane County. Vote for the man that has a business plan to address the issues that concern the voters. Vote for the man that give the children and youth of Roane County a better chance to grow up without the pressures of meth on every corner. I endorse Gene McClure a proven leader with a history of taking on hard issues and


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