Aug 3 2019
07:04 am

McConnell’s new posture toward Moscow

"For decades, I have used my Senate seat to stand up to Russia," the Kentucky Republican protested.

Unfortunately for McConnell, two days later came a reminder that he has taken a rather different posture toward Russia of late. Indeed, it appears, he has been key to helping Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin skirt U.S. sanctions and invest in an aluminum mill in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

An intriguing tale of influence and corruption. It explains a lot. Is this the swamp Trump said he would drain? Why do we keep letting elected officials get away with this stuff?

P.S. Here's the antidote...

Treehouse's picture

Go Amy!

Kentucky, you can do better!

calloway1972's picture

I strongly encourage

I strongly encourage Democrats to toss as much $$$$ as they can into defeating Mitch.

Grimes only lost in 2014 by about 20 points. Clearly trending blue.

Alex_Falk's picture

i agree with calloway1972

i agree with calloway1972 that it is 100% a waste of money to donate to amy mcgrath, who has zero chance of beating mitch.

i don't know that there is any strategy that *would* beat mitch, but it is certainly not running pro-trump conservative democrats.

dems have a pathological love of losing.

Treehouse's picture

Too negative

Give money and support according to your values

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