May 1 2007
10:48 am

Editor & Publisher has a roundup of the NY Times' coverage. How about this gem?

BAGHDAD, May 2 -- The Bush administration is planning to withdraw most United States combat forces from Iraq over the next several months and wants to shrink the American military presence to less than two divisions by the fall, senior allied officials said today.

The United States currently has more than five divisions in Iraq, troops that fought their way into the country and units that were added in an attempt to stabilize it. But the Bush administration is trying to establish a new military structure in which American troops would continue to secure Baghdad while the majority of the forces in Iraq would be from other nations.

No wonder we're still fighting in Iraq--this early talk of surrender emboldened the enemy.

Snark aside, here's the tragic reality of the past four years:

When Bush spoke, the U.S. had 150,000 troops in Iraq; the number now stands at 160,000 or more. American casualties at the time were 139 killed and 542 wounded. A year ago they stood at 2,400 killed and now it's 3,300 dead.

The administration was wrong about Iraq then, and it's wrong about Iraq today. How many more American troops will pay the ultimate price?

UPDATE: "You Can't Veto The Truth"

Andy Axel's picture

How many more American

How many more American troops will pay the ultimate price?

Too many.


Georgia's in Florida, dumbass!

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