Nov 7 2008
11:15 am
By: Bill Pittman  shortURL

Earlier, Commissioner Mark Harmon posted about the amendment to the Minvilla resolution which *might* have restricted add'l services within a 2 mile radius. Apparently, this was vetoed and will now be re-presented to County Commission without said amendment.

It is my hope that our city and county will reconsider this extraordinarily expensive project as it is now at the very upper end of Knoxville's luxury housing market. Other alternatives are more readily available which are much less expensive and ready to occupy. Why are we choosing to help fewer people and delay said help with this Minvilla project? Seemingly, the answer is to save the Minvilla building which has further deteriorated under VMC's watch; however, if the 10 Year Plan is successful in improving the Broadway/Fifth area and "Downtown North" continues its revitalization, maybe the private development could occur in just a few years.

In the meantime, VMC could stabilize and secure the structure or if they choose not to do so, Knoxville could enact its "demolition by neglect" ordinance to do the same.

I am asking our commissioners to do the right thing...for our City, for the immediate area and for those in need.

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There seems to be no end to

There seems to be no end to the amount of money our public officials are willing to SINK into this project. I am a supporter of the Ten Year Plan and all the providers dedicated to making it a success; however, this project is just plain old bad business for VMC, Knoxville and the homeless. VMC could build many more units, compared to the MINVILLA plan, if less expensive housing were utilized. Is there not a rational voice in the bunch! It makes everyone else involved in advancing the Ten Year Plan look just as irrational, unorganized and fically inept.

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Thanks for your frankness,

Thanks for your frankness, Bill.

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