Jul 14 2009
09:42 am

The best approach to managing millennials, then, is to mete out responsibility to millennials [Gen Y] in small, measurable chunks, accompanied by correction when needed, she advises.

Another potential positive of the economic slowdown is that it just may have delayed the long-feared mass retirement of baby boomers from the industry. When boomers do finally retire, their knowledge of many of the antiquated IT systems running in banks will go with them.

Well, don't we (baby boomers) feel special? I'm sure many of us are not feeling the love as our retirement funds slowly dwindle away, while we continue to sit in the tiny cubicles ensuring systems for billion dollar companies continue to do the job enabling consumers to go about their daily tasks not knowing what makes that cash pop out of that machine.

Are incoming IT personnel preparing for the in-depth technical and industry knowledge necessary to build and/or maintain those boring mission-critical IT systems?


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