“Since the day I filed, all I've heard is that the Democrats can't have an all-female ticket,” she said.

She thought they could, and might be better for it. And she thought she'd figured out a way to finally get the message across.

A woman’s bold campaign ad points out the one thing she doesn’t have

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Maybe we can apply the 25th

Maybe we can apply the 25th Amendment to this idiot. Democrats are going to get their asses kicked all over the place if they sink this sort of stuff appeals to much of anyone. There are not enough angry single women in this country to keep the party of float on this sort of nonsense.

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah we heard

Yeah yeah yeah yeah we heard it all last summer and then a substantial amount of women turned out to vote for Trump. Including a majority of white females . And they do it again. Hell... I'll bet that Moore gets a majority of the female vote in Alabama. you don't have any more ability to speak for "all" women than I do.

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Oh yes there are

Women are the majority and the majority are angry with cause. Wait and see.

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