Jun 29 2007
08:41 am

What the hell is this all about?

The liberal mantra: Whine, whine, whine

You've lost me when you're trying to make a point and it is clear you are about to wet your pants.

Come on, libs, I'm sure you have some good points to make, but getting all runny-nose defensive sort of steps on the message. Or should I saw pees on the message?

Now, go the corner, wipe your tears away and think about what I've said.

Say what? Guess he's trolling for links by being all edgy and what not. Guess it worked. He got one.

bizgrrl's picture

Yeah, I thought for sure it

Yeah, I thought for sure it was by Les or SU.


Maybe he will enlighten us as to what is being whined about.

Bbeanster's picture

Who thought Silence wasn't a

Who thought Silence wasn't a right-winger?

He's a pretty low-energy guy, so maybe you didn't notice, but this is certainly not out of line with his demonstrated leanings.

R. Neal's picture

He always claimed to be

He always claimed to be "neutral" and "independent".

Bbeanster's picture


Too harsh.
Michael is pretty "neutral" about local politics. Not so much about the bigger philosophical issues.

R. Neal's picture

Probably true. At least he's

Probably true. At least he's pretty firm agains the death penalty.

I'm guessing this is a performance art/experiment. It will drive a lot of extra traffic to his blog and generate more comments than usual, then he'll come back and say, see, this is why Ann Coulter is popular and why uncivil discourse rules the day.

djuggler's picture

It will drive a lot of extra

It will drive a lot of extra traffic to his blog and generate more comments than usual

He should have done this on a Monday instead of a Friday :)

Doug McCaughan

Sven's picture

A bitchy post about whining?

A bitchy post about whining? How postmodern.

bill young's picture

Say what?

Vote Republican
we dont pee in our pants.

Baby if this is what they b bringing
We got next.

fletch's picture

I don't care what Silence's

I don't care what Silence's leanings are. It's the most boring, unimaginative Insta-clone blog on the net. If it weren't for inside access to information from his employer why would anyone go there?

WhitesCreek's picture

"pretty low-energy guy"

My friends who know say he's impressively lazy. You put it so much more...pretty?

His whine post was even more brainless than most, but I'm not gonna whine about that.

Andy Axel's picture

"Libs?" Runny noses?

"Libs?" Runny noses? Pants-peeing?

Boilerplate Boortzian journalism.


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

cafkia's picture

Yea right

In this day and age, to do a post that mentions whining and does NOT mention the 8 year 200decibel whine from rethugnantcants about a popular sitting president under whom the economy flourished and our nation was popular around the world, is an indicator of disingenuousness. So transparently disingenuous in fact, that I can't even get upset enough to give him the traffic or comments he so badly wants.


p.s. Really a 16 year whine as rare is the day even now that some reich-winger doesn't blame Bill for everything bad in the past and Hil for everything bad to come.


It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

Andy Axel's picture

...this is why Ann Coulter

...this is why Ann Coulter is popular and why uncivil discourse rules the day.

See, it's always the fault of the "libs!"

You're probably right - it's the classic tactic of people like #9: Set up a discussion to provoke the precise response that you get, and then use that response as evidence of some deeper, darker conspiracy. Or just to reinforce stereotype.

It's a classic no-win frame: If you engage an argument with logic and discuss your points and address them with an even temper, you're being an egghead (q.v. Gore versus Bush debates). If you respond to vile provocation in kind, you're being shrill and mean. If you disagree with a conservative by asking the question "why," you're a whiner. If you like to discuss progressive causes among other progressives without the silly and provocative distractions of conservative trolls, you're setting up an echo chamber. If you take measures to encourage discussion of progressive causes by getting rid of trolling conservatives, then you're a Stalinist.

In fairness:

If you take a hard whack at a conservative, progressives will criticize you for chilling intellectualism. If you don't talk about the right topics, you obviously have some agenda and you're trying to distract everyone from doing the most important work. If you question fellow progressives about their approach to an issue, you're setting up the circular firing squad. If you don't appropriately disclaim the opinions of right-wing jerkoffs when you're satirizing their worldview, you're a shill for the GOP. If you're unnecessarily funny, you're unserious. If you're too serious, you're once again an egghead. If you don't support Hillary Clinton, you make Elizabeth Cady Stanton cry. If you go see Michael Moore movies, you're worse than Hitler.

And so on and so on and so on.


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

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