Jul 10 2007
10:43 am

CNN aired an awful Sicko hit piece by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Wolf Blitzer's show last night. It was so disgusting I had to leave the room. A few minutes later the Mrs. comes in and says, "Wow, you should see Michael Moore on CNN. He's furious!" I rewound the Tivo to watch him let Wolf have it.

Here's the You Tube video:

Moore promised to post a point by point factual rebuttal at his website. Here it is.

This was nothing more than a blatant attack on health care reform by the mainstream media to protect their corporate masters. Expect to see more propaganda like this.

airrn's picture

Gupta and Moore are going to

Gupta and Moore are going to be on Larry King Live tonight at 9PM. Should be a great show!!!

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Well, we know that Gupta is

Well, we know that Gupta is a liar, as Moore has documented. This could be good. Moore is not a pushover.

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Wow! That was an ass

Wow! That was an ass kicking. Tonight should be fun.

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Why does everyone hate Michael Moore?

I don't get it. Moore stands up for what he believes, and the Wolf Blitzers and Sanjay Guptas and Lou Dobbses of the world pillory him for it - even after time has proven him right.

Right-wingers totally get in their faces, but CNN invites them back to panel discussions, even though they manifestly have no facts and no expertise. This happens over and over again. They have even given Glenn Beck, a raving moron, his own show. Then, despite the fact that no one watches it, they let him guest host for Paula Zahn, replacing vapid with rabid.

Some liberal media.

Wolf promised Moore a correction if Gupta was proven wrong. This is as close as CNN will get. They restate a few issues, making it seem as though Gupta and Moore are in violent agreement, and Gupta and CNN never admit they got anything was wrong, though it's obvious by omission.

CNN does a non-correction correction, but they steer wide of any fact-by-fact comparison. Moore, on the other hand, sources his facts. Isn't that what journalists are supposed to do?

I haven't seen SiCKO, and I don't agree with everything Moore says about health care, but I do know this: You can't believe anything just because it is on TV. (Aside: I do agree with Moore that every second story on CNN looks like a product placement or a corporate tie-in.)

We're on our own, folks. The fourth estate has sold us out.

Liberty and justice for all.

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The manufacture of consent at work

Everyone should read Manufacturing Consent, or at least see the movie, to see what is going on here. Moore is trying to break through the fog of "conventional wisdom," which is designed to protect and advance the corporate agenda.

The job of Blitzer, King, and Gupta is to keep the fog machine working. Gupta's hit piece, along with his prediction that Medicare will go bankrupt by 2075 (who can predict what will happen that far in the future? will the US even exist?), are of a piece: They are meant to protect the insurance rackets, who buy tons of ads on CNN and other "mainstream" media.

Viewers are supposed to go back to sleep, or stay tuned for the next hour on Paris Hilton.

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And big-media execs wonder

And big-media execs wonder why viewers have fled in droves. To the internet, which is of course why they're trying to so hard to take control of it now.

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