May 10 2013
10:21 am

CWG with the report, including speculation about the possibility of a future U.S. Senate or House run. Stranger things have happened, I guess.

I was waiting for the Cas Walker reference, which Betty Bean provides, obliquely. There may be some similarities, at least tactical if not political, but Burchett's folksy down-home style isn't as manufactured or rough around the edges.

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That's a lotta words for one side of the story. -- s.

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He's smarter than Corker.

I'd take Tim over Corker in a heartbeat.

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I beg to differ on Corker.

I beg to differ on Corker. He revamped Chattanooga's poverty housing long before he ever entered politics. He built a fortune in a construction company...twice. He was a good Mayor in Chattanooga. Some may differ with his politics or policies, but Corker's one of the smart ones in the Senate.

As for Burchett, a good piece. Not much in the way of opposing views. I'm glad they put in the part about Buck Cochran. Buck wrote a book you know. It's available on Amazon. Maybe it's appropriate the story is 88% positive!

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I agree

He doesn't even *try*to understand a complex issue.

I met with the head of his office here years ago on one issue (related to my industry). The guy agreed that I completely made my case and had the data to back it up, but "The Senator has already decided" which way he was going to vote, evidence be damned. I may call Duncan's or Alexander's office on issues, but I don't bother with Corkers office. He's an idiot way out of his league.

But maybe he's a good construction manager. It would be nice if he went back to what he was good at.

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The Daily Times There was

The Daily Times

There was discussion about the incentives offered ProNova to locate at Pellissippi Place.

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett asked, "This tax abatement schedule, is this pretty much standard of what goes on when you’re recruiting these large corporate entities?" "It is," replied Bryan Daniels, president and CEO of the Blount Partnership.


Burchett noted that he had been surprised when told how much the Electrolux plant in Memphis was subsidized.

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Am I reading this right?

provides for ProNova to acquire about 27 acres of the park at no charge.

So, in addition to tax abatements, we are giving away the land for free?

Is THAT normal?

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