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I'm not sure how doing profiles of all the Democratic candidates and not any others is making things right. Seems to me the right thing to do is profile them all.

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Well, for starters

This is the first in depth press Anthony has gotten. It would be a great thing to have in depth coverage by local media in all races, but in the eighteenth, the only person that benefits is Anthony. So it won't likely happen.

What we've seen so far (prior to this article) is the Sentinel saying trust us, vote for the other guy. Your silence was deafening when that happened. Now that it's becoming clear that it is indeed a real race, (in fact, from the looks of things at the polls, Anthony likely is ahead) and Anthony has gotten a real article, as opposed to a blind endorsement, you insinuate unfair action on the part of the local press. It is difficult to take your position seriously.

You have an outstanding idea and I hope you can convince the News-Sentinel to run those across the board profiles before the upcoming election.

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Mike, they profiled the

Mike, they profiled the others a couple of weeks ago. Read the intro to the story at the link.

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Pam...they covered the other Democratic candidates. I'm saying doing profiles of candidates for one party and not the other is not doing the right thing.

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Well, Mike, the whole point

Well, Mike, the whole point of the first story was that Dems keep on in spite of the fact that they don't get any respect in Knox County/East Tennessee. I'm not privy to what happened with Hancock and why he wasn't included, but apparently they thought it was reasonable to do a story on him at this point -- and they tried to get in touch with his opponent so I'm not sure why you are whining.

As for KNS, I think it is reprehensible that they have given up doing print profiles and/or stories about each legislative race. What else is a newspaper for if not reporting on election campaigns?

And, no, it's not my job to do that. My job is to offer opinions on a wide array of matters. And I know already that some of you disagree with how I do that. So be it. If I spent all my time catching up on what the news staff doesn't do that I think they should do, I'd never have time to do any opinion offering.

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I am not aware anybody brought up you or your job.

KNS generally does a voter guide that has info on everyone.

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KNS voter guide

Could you link that please. I must have missed it.

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Mike, I've taken to

Mike, I've taken to pre-emotive defensiveness in these parts. I've been blamed for worse that I had nothing to do with. Ignoring my defenses is fine.

Seems they would have done the voting guide before early voting began. Again, just my opinion.

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voter guide

Voters can look up the candidates that will be on their ballot and read candidate positions at www.vote411.org .

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Voter Guide

I believe it is being published this Sunday.

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That's good. I hope it's

That's good. I hope it's going to be all substantive and I'm not gonna have to read about people's favorite books and movies again.

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On page 7A of the Monday, October 22, 2012 News Sentinel

There is an article entitled "Hancock stresses 'vision,' Hall service in 18th District."

I can't find it on the Knoxnews web site nor does their search engine turn it up when I search Hancock, Hall or any variation of their names or the name of the article. So I can't link it.

But it's there.

I swear. I'll ask my more computer savvy compatriots to help me in another blog.


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Now I'm confused

Here is a link to the article I referenced last night.


Kudos to the Sentinel for , what I felt was, a balanced review of the race.

Is there a reason one wouldn't or shouldn't have access to this article last night? Anyone? Ferris? Anyone?

The closest point explanation would point to clerical error, but this election has gone on far too long, and I'm not going to either speculate nor champion a reason. If a representative of the paper cares to comment or offer one up, have at it and I'll just accept it in good faith.

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The KNS apparently has a

The KNS apparently has a rudder similar to that on Titanic. I called them a couple of weeks ago to let them know I would appreciate it if they would stop littering my front yard but, so far, the beast hasn't changed course.

I keep finding papers at my mailbox and putting them in the trash. I called and a young woman asked me if it was the free edition. I told her it must be since I hadn't contracted for it. She wanted to know what it said on the front and I read her the headline. She apparently thought that I should not only be able to easily recognize this marvelous free edition but should be grateful for being blessed with it. I told her I considered it littering and didn't want it.

I'm still throwing News-Sentinels in the trash and considering collecting a bag of them and depositing it at the front door of the steel palace.

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