Oct 7 2010
08:48 am

Katie: To celebrate my son Henry's birthday - the first since his May 31st death - our family is asking people all over the world to perform an act of kindness on Henry's behalf...

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I just want to say that I

I just want to say that I just watched a video on Facebook of kag's brother handing out 19 $10 bills to random strangers at the Wal-Mart near Bell Buckle earlier today in honor of Henry. It was sweet.

And it was interesting to see how people weren't sure how to react to someone being kind to them. The first question of some was: what did I do? The other question: Was the money real? The brother tried to get by without saying much except that he was doing it in honor of his nephew who had passed away. He would start out by handing the money to the person and saying, "Henry wants you to have a nice day."

We should all be more kind all the time.

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We bought dental work for a

We bought dental work for a girl that couldn't afford it today.

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