Jan 13 2013
08:27 am

Flowers Foods has been selected to purchase Hostess Brands bread brands.

The company made two separate bids for the Hostess breads; a $360 million bid for Wonder, Nature's Pride, Butternut, Home Pride and Merita, along with 20 bakeries and 38 depots. According to the sale transaction, filed late Friday in bankruptcy court, bakeries in the sale include the Merita bread plant at 3100 NW Park Drive in Knoxville and the iconic Wonder Bread plant at 400 Madison in Downtown Memphis.

Being a big Merita bread fan, I hope they keep the same product line. I also hope all of the employees are retained.

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Regarding bread packaging,

Regarding bread packaging, they should include where the bread was made on the packages. In searching for different breads, since Merita is no longer available, I noticed on 2-3 brands they don't print where the bread was made.

Also, again in searching for different brands, I have purchased bread at the last minute at a variety of places, including the convenience store, which used to carry Merita. I purchased a loaf of bread at Aldi's, the closest grocer to us, and a can of white beans for only $1.56. I was surprised at how inexpensive since I don't normally shop at Aldi's. I recently paid $2.47 for a loaf of Kerns bread and a can of Bush's kidney beans. However, both are basically local companies. Kerns bread is reported to still be made in Knoxville, as hopefully will be Merita bread. Bush Brothers' headquarters appears to be in Knoxville and they still have a plant in Chestnut Hill, TN.

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Yeah, I never buy milk at Weigels but just recently, because I was in a rush, I ran into their Emory Road store (about 1/2 mile from their Powell dairy plant) and was surprised to have to pay significantly more than the $2.89 per gallon I generally pay at Aldi.

Why, I wonder?

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I've no idea, Toby. Their house brand is called Friendly Farms, established in 1979.

I found one reference on the web just now to the effect that the milk is "hormone-free" and another reference indicating that most of their milk comes from Aurora Dairy?

Neither of those two sites looked particularly credible, so I don't bother to link them here.

Anyway, $2.89 per gallon, everyday, works for me. As do 69 cent per dozen eggs.

(Hey, did I mention that we're about to graduate our first college student debt-free? One down, one to go!)

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I don't eat white bread.

I don't eat white bread. Actually when making a food plan, a nutritionist basically advised me against eating anything white--the things that are processed. All breads are whole grain and local -- Flour Head is the last bread I bought. I buy Cruze Farm milk because I trust that the cows don't have hormones or antibiotics in their system.

Eating things that are unprocessed has left me feeling healthier and has been better for my weight and my cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars than anything I've ever done. Buying cheap was killing me.

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I've teased the employees

I've teased the employees working in the Home Depot garden center about working conditions what with the scent of fresh baked bread that fills the neighborhood around the Merita bakery.

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The Bakery Lady on Boyds

The Bakery Lady on Boyds Creek in Seymour makes sourdough bread every Tue and Thur.

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Sadly, the bakery lady closed

Sadly, the bakery lady closed shop last August.


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old smell

when you all first came back with merita old fashion bread I could not tell any difference. The last 3 times I have purchased it has not been good. Are they bagging while it is hot? something is not quite right?????

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Why do people want white

Why do people want white bread? Whole wheat both tastes better and is better for you.

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I love white bread,

I love white bread, especially with my tuna salad. Rye is my second favorite.

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Doesn't it stick to the roof

Doesn't it stick to the roof of your mouth and turn all gummy? I'm sorry, I know we all have our personal favorites, but I haven't eaten white bread in probably 35 years. And every nutritionist I've ever consulted has said stay away from it. Actually I seldom buy bread, but still.


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Not For Us

I haven't bought white bread in maybe 30-40 years. I don't even like restaurants that serve white dinner rolls. Same with iceberg lettuce.

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