NBC News and Sports Illustrated have picked up the story this morning. There is still as of yet no other reports confirming any of this.

link: (link...)

Coach Gruden will be on ESPN radio at 7:15am

@MikeAndMike (link...) So, first question for your first guest: water or gas on @3onyourside report?

EricLykins's picture

Is there any truth to this

Is there any truth to this whatsoever? Gruden: "No, there isn't"

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The KNS seems to be following

The KNS seems to be following this story properly and had a good, quick, and accurate report within minutes of Gruden's statement, Gruden shoots down Memphis report claiming he has UT deal. Meanwhile, at NBC Sports: Gruden’s ongoing silence sends clear message

What's that about a lie traveling around the world before the truth can get its pants on?

Update: Haslam, Browns added to KNS headline and story updated

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reasonable assumption, but...

The NFL would never allow that because Gruden is still getting paid by Tampa Bay

1997 Resolution FC-3 was tailor written for Paul Allen and addresses cross ownership in "another major sports league" in the same "home territory." A quick scan of the 95 appearances of the word coach in the NFL by-laws document doesn't uncover anything relevant, and "Apparently the league is looking into the conflict of owning a part of one team while potentially still getting paid from another franchise" tells me they don't see it either.

I seriously doubt that the NCAA is going to let it fly either.

Boosters Could Pay Coaches Directly Under NCAA Proposal

I don't think that proposal passed in the changes to the NCAA enforcement structure in October, and the Board won’t consider new proposals through 2013-14

underthebusdem's picture

OMG partial NFL ownership as

OMG partial NFL ownership as part of a college coaching deal!?!?

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Yeah, really. South Carolina

Yeah, really. South Carolina supposedly offered Steve Spurrier a membership to Augusta National a few years back. I think it was just a rumor.

fischbobber's picture

No Rumor

The hang-up on getting Spurrier to Knoxville is the golf package. Apparently a package of Honors, Holston Hills, Cherokee, The Farm and The Virginian wouldn't knock off Augusta. At least that's what I was told by a source who deems himself reliable.

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Any truth to Gruden and Kenny

Any truth to Gruden and Kenny Chesney opening a dinner theatre buffet and fantasy football facility in Pigeon Forge with a UT football themed putt putt golf course and water park? With helicopter rides over UT and Cleveland Brown football practices? The Browns will return to
a 2 week pre-season practice in Pigeon Forge like back in the Goldrush Junction days.

Can anyone confirm?

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I won't deny it.

I won't deny it.

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You left out the part about a

You left out the part about a reacharound from Lee Greenwood on the helicopter. (In flight music, John Ashcroft's greatest hits)

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