Dec 10 2012
09:26 pm

Adding banjo and/or fiddle and/or pedal steel to pop/rock/redneck schlock does not make it traditional and/or country.

R. Neal's picture

At least they appear to be

At least they appear to be giving award winners Telecasters instead of trophies. Or are those fake, too?

R. Neal's picture

Also, microphone twirling is

Also, microphone twirling is a thing now? Is that the country equivalent of dropping it?

R. Neal's picture

Also, when did backward

Also, when did backward baseball caps replace cowboy hats? Guess I'm getting too old. I'll shut up and go to bed now.

BoB W.'s picture

senior moment ?

Next thing you know, Nashville will be using AutoTune to bring a contemporary sound to vocals!

What's that you say - they're already using it.

I must have been taking my nap when that happened.


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OK, one more thing. Keith

OK, one more thing. Keith Urban and the Grammy Camp kids rocked it out. Especially the Grammy Camp players. Woke me up.

UPDATE: the video:


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