Mar 24 2011
01:12 pm

brookebaldwin.jpgBrooke Baldwin (Twitter, Facebook, CNN video blog) needs to be fired from CNN. Rick Sanchez was intolerable, but his replacement and former co-host is worse. She is a stupid, uninformed fashion model wannabe who is exceedingly rude to her guests, especially if they are experts.

She's at her best when sucking up to other vapid celebrities, but when talk turns to politics, foreign policy, science, or anything else above her pay grade she's lost. She keeps interrupting people to ask dumb questions that they just answered or changes the subject to something she thinks she might be able to understand.

Expert: "So the iodine radionuclides being released into the environment have a half life of..."

Brooke: "Wait a second. Are you saying it's not safe to use iodine? Should we tell people to use neosporin or something instead?"

Expert: "No, I'm saying that people downwind of the release should..."

Brooke: "Sorry, I have to stop you right there because we have to go to breaking YouTube video of Lindsay Lohan getting her cat tattooed."

OK, that's made up but it really is that bad sometimes. (Yesterday she sang Happy Birthday to a cardboard cutout of Wolf Blitzer. And that's not made up.) She's the best thing to ever happen to Shep Smith and Studio B on Fox.

Thankfully she's on vacation so we get a reprieve for a few days. Please, CNN, put her on permanent vacation.

WhitesCreek's picture

I had to turn her off. All

I had to turn her off. All she seems to do is make gibberish noises while someone tries to give her an answer. CNN continues to spiral into irrelevance.

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They need to take the person

They need to take the person who came up with the stupid idea of voting on one out of three news stories for them to air out back and shoot them. If only they would stop plugging the idiotic voting scheme, they would have enough time to air all three "news" segments enough times to make even the most resistant Faux News trained viewer "informed".

If Gawd was paying attention, Comcast would already be pushing Aljazeera.

CathyMcCaughan's picture

Al Jazeera

See this and this.

Brian A.'s picture

Apparently she's hip with

Apparently she's hip with social media. That's all that matters at CNN anymore, isn't it?

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She had me nearly pulling my

She had me nearly pulling my hair out the other day and, yes, changing to Fox News for a tsunami report.

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Face it. The 24-hour TV news

Face it. The 24-hour TV news channel is a myth. Certainly here, it is. Haven't seen much of Al-Jazeera, and BBC News Channel is only available in the UK. What we can get here would be better called 'current events tv.' They chatter on about current things, including rumors, gossip, trends, and occasionally news, but there is very little actual reporting of the news. If someone took a stopwatch and counted exactly how much time on any of these channels is spent reporting the news on-air, not including speculation, celebrity interviews or idle opinioneering, it would be a very small percentage of the broadcast day. It would be even less, if any actual reporting is only counted the first time it airs, e.g., not including repeated reports without new or updated information. My bet is that that number wouldn't get higher than, say, 10% of the time on any given day.

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If you need the news explained to you, Fox News may be more your speed.

By careful, Fox also have women in short skirts and makeup; which seems to confuse you.

Or maybe Headline News, they will repeat the news stories multiple times an hour so that you can understand it. You know what they say, third (fourth, fifth, ...) times a charm.

But seriously, half of the things you claim as being problems are outside the control of any news anchor.

The producer controls the cutting to Dana Bash for clarification, from an unnamed (uninformed) white house official, that OBL had no weapons but resisted.

Also, the network and the producer control the commercial breaks; which means interviews are cut short when people get long winded or there wasn't enough time alloted.

All news shows have writers, and I would guess she is handed a piece of paper with the interviewee's name, and synopsis, and a list of questions to ask. Larry King was the last of a dying breed of news show hosts that were capable of interviewing guests without writers.

I realize TV is supposed to be a passive medium, but you do occasionally have to use your brain. Brooke is there to entertain and deliver the news, it's up to you to figure it out.

Somebody's picture

Larry king may not have had

Larry king may not have had writers, but that doesn't mean he was a good interviewer, unless you think some old guy asking random questions based on a complete lack of subject knowledge is a good interviewer.

It's true, though, that the dismal product of TV news channels is a team effort. It's also true that smart viewers need to use their brain, which will provide a discerning response that sends an attached opposable thumb the command to quickly mash down the "off" button.

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brooke baldwin

CDoty, what you say is criticism with no merit. Brooke Baldwin is an idiot, and an insensitive idiot. I have seen her laugh during at least 3 stories involving animals being mistreated. She is now reporting the story of the Mayalysian airliner that was shot down and she seems to take ghoulish delight in bringing up, over and over, the 'sensitive', as she puts it, matters ie: condition of the bodies/remains. Why is she still on CNN? I avoid her at all costs.

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Brooke Baldwin is annoying

She is not only annoying, she is a closet republican!
Just saw her interview with a gun rights idiot, talking about the new recommendations the president has presented to congress, she has no interest in the issue as she just let him speak without interruption ( he was saying what she want's to hear)and when he avoided her questions she accepted his talking point as if that is what she asked! Hey Brooke, Fox News wants you back, the "infiltrate CNN with an idiot" mission is over!

Jennifer Brooks's picture

She is an Annoying Freak!!!!

I couldn't have agreed more. have you noticed they are now putting her to low quality subjects? like, for new years 2013, they showed her dancing with a bunch of fat, shirtless guys, singing. (and i swear i saw anderson cooper and kathy griffin rolling their eyes) and stuff like emos commiting suicide, losing weight, and hair loss. (heh) so, yeah, im pretty sure CNN has noticed this Nonsense. My future dream words:


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Eow, you all are a bunch of

Eow, you all are a bunch of cynical dicks. I'm sure any of you could do a better job. She's only human. If she is so terrible, how has she been this successful? It’s not about technical talent, it’s about the whole package and what one can bring to the table.

nblas's picture

brooke baldwin

'wow', it's called having standards. Baldwin is awful. And I imagine any of these critics could probably do a better job if they'd had a fraction of the training and experience she has. Are you really saying that if you are 'successful' you can't be clueless and vapid..... Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, etc., etc. And what does she bring to the table? She takes up space. Uh oh, she's discussing the Malaysian airliner that was shot down with the editor of The Interpretor/contributing editor of The Daily Beast, and yet again she is in way over her head. She's probably very nice but that's not her job.

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brooke baldwin

And 'wow', nice language. Makes you much more credible.

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Erin Burnett's worse. Soledad

Erin Burnett's worse.

Soledad O'Brien was the only thing worth watching on CNN.

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Brooke Baldwin is an idiot

A spokes model is generous. This lady is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

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She continually cuts off her guests

In an effort to come off more intelligent....or more able to get to the point that the guests (in almost all cases) are not getting to quick enough for her. Her mannerisms exude superiority and other worldliness.

Almost everytime she says...'Getting back to the question'.....the guest or expert was clearly answering the question at hand.

Brooke Baldwin is an example of Tabloid Journalism at its worst.

What a phony!!

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She really is a terrible

She really is a terrible "journalist." She comes off as so disingenuous and fake and can never let her panel speak on their own without injecting herself into everything. Even her irritating, "mmm's" during interviews make me believe that she just googled "how to be a broadcaster". I thought it couldn't get worse than Rick Sanchez, but I guess I expected too much of someone who was his co-host.

CNN can't possible be taken seriously with these tabloid talking heads who insist on making the interviews, news and shows about themselves.

She is un-watchable.

Jen's picture

Also her new thing: "now

Also her new thing: "now this" makes me wish John Oliver would sue her dumb-ass for trying to sound smart like him. She tries so hard. To her, being a credible journalist is having a signature catchphrase. oy.

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