Oct 16 2006
11:07 pm

Chattanooga Times-Free Press endorses Harold Ford Jr. for Senate:

There are many good reasons to support Representative Harold Ford’s election to the U.S. Senate. His deep congressional experience and thoughtful positions on a range of vital issues — the Iraq war, pay-as-you-go government and a balanced budget, affordable health care and energy independence, for example — confirm his qualifications. His conviction, keen intellect and leadership qualities also suggest his capacity to become a notable, persuasive Senate leader who would capably represent the interests of Tennesseans, and all Americans.


Rep. Ford’s most appealing attributes are his candor and his sensible, honest practicality. He sees an administration that has bloated the size of government, that traded cuts in core services for tax cuts for the wealthy elite, and that has recklessly waged a war on a credit-card philosophy — all without asking commensurate sacrifice by its citizens, or caring how its conduct undermines our future and national security in such myriad ways.

Like most citizens, Rep. Ford knows that’s neither right, nor sustainable. He seeks election to change direction. This page endorses his candidacy, and strongly urges his election.

How bad is the meltdown? Corker can't even hold the endorsement of his hometown paper.

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Wow! Think the Sentinel will

Wow! Think the Sentinel will have similiar guts?'s picture

Tennessean Endorses Ford

In case you guys missed it. The Tennessean endorsed Harold Ford today... yesterday... It's really late... Okay, it's after midnight so technically it was yesterday.

This is a big endorsement for the Ford Camp comming into the final weeks. It looks as though people left and right are lining up behind the better man.

HMS (link...)

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You gotta be careful with

You gotta be careful with the Chattanooga paper. It's kind of schizo, saying that as a native to the area. Years ago there were two papers, the Times leaning left and the Free-Press being radical right. They merged and now the editorial section is two pages, with the liberal opinions on the left side and conservative on the right. It's likely the right side of the page has or will endorse Corker.

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You are correct, fletch, The

You are correct, fletch, The Chattanooga TFP - FP did endorse Corker.

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I figured as much

Having said that, Ford announced that he was only 2 points behind Corker in Corker's own home town. With Corker's Policemen against him and his Firemen against him, things look promising for Ford.

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Word on the street is that

Word on the street is that the Cohen people in Memphis are trying to torpedo Ford, thanks to brother Jake. Anyone got scoop?

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Cohen & Ford



Eleanor A says: "Word on the street is that the Cohen people in Memphis are trying to torpedo Ford, thanks to brother Jake. Anyone got scoop?"

If that is so, it's a very complicated in Fordworld.  


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Clear up the endorsement

Got in touch with a contact I have at the Chatt Times Free Press here is the clearup on the endorsement...

re editorial page: The Times Free Press has one of the more unique editorial page setup in the country. The former Chattanooga Times and former Chattanooga Free Press merged in 1999. The new owner kept both editorial pages. The editorial voices of both papers were quite different so you see it reflected on things such as political endorsements.

So in this campaign, the Times editorial page endorsed Ford; the Free Press side has endorsed Corker. It's a split decision of sorts, I guess.

Great news for Ford regardless. Half the paper in Corkers home town backs the other guy. Looks bad for Corker.

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