Sep 6 2017
11:10 am

What: Meet the City Council candidates
When: Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 5:30pm
Where: Christenberry Community Center, 931 Oglewood Avenue

The city's Go Vote! Knoxville project is hosting a meet and greet with candidates for the Nov. 7th City Council election. The event will be at the Christenberry Community Center, 931 Oglewood Avenue, tomorrow Sept. 7th from 5:30PM until 7PM. Knox Co. election officials will also attend, and there will be free pizza.

jbr's picture

Is it for a specific

Is it for a specific district?

Bbeanster's picture

The General Election is

The General Election is citywide, so, no, they should all be there.

Sandra Clark's picture

No talk/worthless

As long as candidates can't talk about issues, these Go Vote! meetings are basically worthless -- at least from a meeting coverage standpoint.

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How come candidates can't

How come candidates can't talk about issues?

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I think Sandra means

I think Sandra means they don't get to speak publicly. They can certainly talk about issues 1:1. However, at the District 6 event I stood in line 15 minutes to speak with one candidate. The candidate and another woman were having a private conversation the whole time. I got out of line, spoke to some other candidates and came back. Same woman. I think they both used poor judgement. Irrelevant now as that candidate didn't advance to the general.

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Not sure they're worthless

Not sure they're worthless, as they did seem to boost turnout a wee bit, but they would be a lot better if each candidate was allowed 5 minutes to speak.

At least the LWV has a couple of forums coming up.

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Tindall will be the 2nd candidate in the 4th

The vote at tonight's special City Council meeting was 9-0.

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I only attended the fourth district event. Gary Loe (TN Conservative Union) stood and asked if the candidates could speak. The mayor's answer: No.

The event was a good idea -- better than nothing. But it would have been strengthened by allowing the candidates a few minutes to speak.

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To give some background, when

To give some background, when we were planning these events, we had to think about what is the proper role for a city government. We want to increase public awareness of the election and encourage voter registration and turnout. That's the goal. These are intended to be friendly public events to keep people (and hopefully the media) focused on the fact that we have elections coming up. Other groups already do candidate forums, and we are helping to promote those, too. But we didn't want to be in the position of moderating a debate, cutting people off if they went over their allotted time, etc. That's just not the right role for us. Plus, with so many candidates, either you'd have to limit them to brief, totally superficial remarks, or you'd have to count on the audience sticking around for a long time to hear everyone.

Anyway, these were a first for us -- a project we took on voluntarily -- and I think they have been helpful. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback. But we'll review it all after the fact and think about how and whether to do it again in the future.

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proper role

You blew it then. The right thing was to let them speak.

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