Jul 31 2018
09:58 am

Medicare, which helped pay the health care costs of 56 million beneficiaries in 2017, is a critical part of the country’s economic infrastructure, investing about $710 billion in the national economy that year.

You can download the Tennessee Medicare fact sheet to see how Medicare contributes to Tennessee's economy.

  • Medicare contributes $14.4 billion to Tennessee’s economy
  • Medicare helped pay the healthcare costs of 1.2 million Medicare beneficiaries in Tennessee in 2017
  • Medicare spending in Tennessee is equivalent to about 25 percent of spending by state and local governments in Tennessee.
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Koch's new study.

Apparently, the Koch's crunched the numbers on Bernie's Medicare for all and came up with a cost of 32.6 trillion over ten years. The lowest estimate I found on current American medical expenditures is a bit over 3.4 billion dollars a year. Not counting for inflation of private sector, for-profit medicine It is a savings of roughly 2 trillion dollars over ten years.The real savings would likely be closer to 10 trillion.

Just food for thought with raw numbers.

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Exactly. Medicare for All would represent a savings of at least $2.1 trillion over 10 years. And it would eliminate co-pays and deductibles. And it would insure *everybody* in the country.

And it would make Harry Truman smile down from heaven on the Democratic Party.

Let's roll.

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It's good to see you weighing in. Don't ever quit.

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