Dec 3 2012
09:31 pm

Sheesh. This would be rankling if it weren't so danged funny...

Read Business Insider's story (under the inflammatory headline Obamacare will be "very costly") which summarizes badly the comments Cheesecake Factory CEO David Overton made on today's CBS This Morning show.

THEN follow the link therein to actually view the video clip of the CBS show.

What you'll see is that a couple of pig-headed CBS news anchors refused to hear that Overton's company has been voluntarily insuring for years all employees working over 25 (not 30) hours per week AND that the "Obamacare mandate" could actually save his company money (presumably, this would be the case only if his company chose to cease covering employees working just 25 hours per week and to begin covering only those working 30 or more, per the law's requirement).

You'll also see that Overton said only that other restaurant chains that haven't been adequately insuring their employees would find the mandate to be "very costly."

Anyway, both these CBS news anchors and the Business Insider reporter seemed unwilling to accept what Overton really had to say--over and over--on this subject, namely that taking care of his employees hasn't at all crippled his company.

Wadda buncha spin ensued then!

gonzone's picture

Situation Normal then.

Situation Normal then. Preconceived narrative, no variation from it.

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