Apr 17 2008
06:25 am

It occurred to me that the Democratic primary is a classic study in machine v. grassroots politics.

Obama has put together an impressive grassroots movement. Clinton has cranked up the formidable Clinton machine to keep it competitive.

With only a few exceptions, Clinton has done well in big states with established Democratic political machines. Obama has done well in smaller states where Obamanauts can go door to door selling retail.

The trouble is, grassroots campaigns may win a few battles but machine politics usually wins the war, like a big old Bush Hog rolling over an overgrown weed patch.

In 2004, the Republicans had a bigger Bush Hog. In 2008, ours is stalled in the tall weeds and will need extensive repairs before November.

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The Repubs do have a well

The Repubs do have a well oiled machine. As a group they stay so focused on the end game. They want to win, win, win.

Howard Dean's 50 state program to get the Dems focused was a great start to building a Democratic machine. We just don't seem to remain focused.

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Can't pass up this softball

One reason I'm starting to polarize against Hillary is that she seems to be running a scorched earth campaign. Or make that scorched turf. (Sorry.)

(But should she advance, I'll actively campaign for her, yada yada...)

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Rage Against the Machine!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

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