Sep 25 2009
03:19 pm

Salon's Glenn Greenwald rips Jim Cooper (D-HCA) a new one *.

...Cooper recently attacked the integrity of a Research 2000 poll commissioned by Daily Kos -- one that showed his positions are wildly out of step with the citizens of his district -- by scoffing: "He who pays the piper calls the tune." Indeed. Cooper should know: like so many of his colleagues, his entire Congressional career is seemingly devoted to serving the large corporate interests that fill his coffers. Cooper's phrase -- "He who pays the piper calls the tune" -- would make a superb slogan for him to hang on his office wall, and for that matter, on the Capitol dome.

All of that -- along with Cooper's weak polling numbers -- has led Accountability Now to name him as the first target for a primary challenge. The group's Executive Director has spent substantial time in Nashville ** speaking with several highly promising, vibrant and credible potential challengers and expects to have an announcement soon.

Follow updates at Accountability Now's website: Cooper Uncovered.

* As I cannot find an explicit exclusion to this effect, I will assume that 2nd asses are still covered under the FEHB.

** Independent first-hand accounts say "very visibly so." Question remains whether or not this individual has gotten much of a feel of what sorts of hurdles that a carpetbagger-funded primary challenge would have to surmount.

gonzone's picture


Greenwald is top notch.

His writing cuts through the BS like an expert surgeon with a scalpel.

I read his column regularly and I think HE needs to be in my teevee instead of the quacks currently there.

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

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