Tom Humphrey talks with Mike McWherter about his run for U.S. Senate against Lamar Alexander.

McWherter says he is "all but certain" he is running and will announce officially in three or four months. He says support in East Tennessee will be "determinative."

There was speculation that McWherter was waiting to see what Fred Thompson would do before announcing, the conventional wisdom being that Thompson would bring out a huge GOP vote if he's on the ticket. We speculated here last week that if McWherter is running he must not think much of Fred's chances.

This interesting quote from the article confirms it: "I’ve seen the polling and don’t think Fred will be the Republican nominee."

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McWherter can win

It wouldnt suprise me if a liberal candidate runs for the nomination & many who post on Knoxviews may even support that candidate.
However,McWherter will be the Democratic nominee.

I will vote for McWherter for one reason...he can beat Lamar!.
My vote will be purely partisan because '94 cured me of any illusions.

We need a strong Democratic majority in the senate.

It will be a tough doubt Lamar! knows how to win.

The easy thing to do is take pot shots @ a candidate you dont agree with fully be cynical & shout "The WHOLE SYSTEM SUCKS"..but if the result is a Lamar! win then one has to live with the Republicans & Lieberman stalemating the senate.

McWherter has got what it takes to win this race..& I'm all for that!!!

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We need a strong Democratic majority in the senate.

Amen! This absolutely needs to be a priority.

Thompson seems to be disappointing many who wanted to support him. Yesterday he actually said there really were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we just didn't find them.

Oh, spare me please! This retro thinking makes me queasy.

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