Sep 25 2007
03:48 pm

Following up on yesterday's unconfirmed report, Mike McWherter makes it official:

"I want to continue the dialogue on how we change the direction in our country for the future of our kids and grandkids. Forming an exploratory committee is a key step in my own decision-making process."

He added: "This process will be brief, but deliberate. Running for U.S. Senate is a big decision. I want to make sure it's the right one, for me and my family."

I just checked, and MikeMcWherter.com was registered in May 2007 under a proxy.

I wonder if he was waiting to see what Thompson would do, thinking that a tag team of Lamar! and Ol' Fred would get more GOP dead-enders to the polls than an anti-gay marriage or a free-guns-for-everybody amendment. Maybe McWherter is picking up signals that Thompson isn't all that and may not even be on the ticket, and that Democrats are ready to vote this time because they learned from Ford v. Corker that if we stay home they win.

Or something.

UPDATE: A challenge from the local GOP/Freddie booster club. Are y'all going to take that?

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Hot damn, here's hoping for

Hot damn, here's hoping for Son Of Tenncare!

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Lamar will win a second

Lamar will win a second term. McWherter will do well to explore the broad and deep roots Lamar Alexander has in Tennessee. And, his appeal crosses party lines. I recall the person who drove up to Nashville to introduce Lamar for his victory speech after defeating Clement in 2002 was none other than Memphis Mayor (and noted Democrat) Willie Herenton.

Maybe McWherter feels the need to get in ahead of others. Maybe he waits to see if Fred is the likely nominee, which is uncertain at this point. In a quote in the paper a couple of weeks back, his dad gave some indication that Thompson being on the ballot was a big factor in a decision to run.

Many people underestimate the man in plaid. That's a mistake.

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My question is...will folks on Knoxviews feel the same about McWherter as they did Harold?? The West Tennessee Democrat mafia is down & dirty conservative gut fighters.Big Daddy's motto was
I know when to shake a hand & when to twist an arm.

Back in '86 I went with Dick Fulton the liberal mayor of Nashville.
BUT when we lost the nomination I worked like dawg to git McWherter elected.

I'll do it again for Mike McWherter.
Will yall join me?

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Will yall join me? Hell,

Will yall join me?

Hell, yeah.

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Lamar's appeal has historically crossed party lines. His support with Democratic Senator Ken Salazar for a somewhat new direction on Iraq (Iraq Survey Group recommendations) is an example of his cross-party appeal. But then again, his pandering on the English Only bill shows how much power the wingnuts have in the national GOP. These aren't ordinary times, and Tennessee is not exempt from trends facing the rest of the nation. Lamar is trying to straddle the two wings of the GOP - the moderate businessman wing from East Tennessee and the neanderthal theocrat wing. The right-wingers have never trusted Lamar. Will they come out in droves for him against McWherter?

The challenge for McWherter is to make the case that he's better for the state than Lamar. It won't be easy, but it's critical that he tries.

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At least McWherter in the

At least McWherter in the race probably means Tuke will stay out.


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

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