Jul 1 2018
06:39 am

I wondered if there would be any statement forthcoming. Here's KNS Editor Jack McElroy explaining why they discontinued all the local opinion columnists:

"On a different topic, readers of the editorial pages will have noted last week's farewell columns from Ina Hughs, Frank Cagle, Mark Harmon and Greg Johnson. Their vivid writing and vigorous opinions will be missed, though they may still contribute occasionally.

The editorial pages are moving in a different direction, though, with more citizen input and less punditry. Letters to the editor will continue to be a mainstay, along with guest columns from writers who represent interest groups or have special expertise or perspective.

Send your contributions to"

Translation: We've replaced these long-running professionally written columns with PR and other unsolicited free junk that comes in over the transom because we don't have to pay anybody for it.

Also, we want our paper to be your reliable, substance-free local McPaper, with no objectionable content that might upset anyone. Because half of our readers are going to be pissed off at half of these four writers at any given time, meaning 100% of our readers are pissed off at us all of the time.

LeftWingCracker's picture

You have been GANNETTIZED!

Everything Gannett touches turns to crap. They have destroyed the Commercial Appeal here in Memphis and everything is about Nashville, which only enrages the citizenry, as it should.

barker's picture

The worst

The worst days in my time as the editorial page editor were those when I had to tell columnists the paper no longer would run their columns. I agonized over every one. I'm glad I was gannetted before this latest round.

WhitesCreek's picture

I think your translation app

I think your translation app is working perfectly.


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"Don't Argue With Me...Just Run This!"

"...along with guest columns from writers who represent interest groups or have special expertise or perspective."

Sounds very Sinclair-ian to me.

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