May 24 2008
09:20 am

NYT: Sen. McCain’s Agents of Intolerance

Mr. McCain had sought the endorsement of the Rev. John Hagee, a televangelist, for more than a year and finally won it in February...

Go read the short editorial for details of why he's backing away from that endorsement. Apparently McCain was for hating on the Catholics and Jews before he was against it.

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tool of the Lord

I heard an excerpt of the Hagee sermon on the radio the other day. I find it much more disturbing than Rev. Wright's words. Wright's anger does not scare me because it is rational, even where it crosses into conspiracy (conspiracy being a rational response to too many unanswered questions). I can hardly begrudge a man born into a segregated society a little anger, especially since we so proudly boast about equality.

Hagee, however, tries to cram European history into Biblical prophecies. He is not airing greivances against a government that has mistreated him. He's just trying to stamp his hatred of other religions with Biblical authority. That is irrational, counterproductive and more of a threat than Wright's coarse language.

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McCain/Haggee is worse than Obama/Wright

Obama went to Wright while seeking Christianity. Wright was a controversial man but he was deeply supportive of his South Side community. Obama didn't go to Wright because of Wright's nutjob sermons. If anything, he went to Wright because of beautiful sermons like "Audacity to Hope," which served as the title of "Audacity of Hope," the book.

McCain, on the other hand went to Hagee and Parsley precisely because those pastors' bigotry resonated with much of the GOP electorate. It was pure political calculation, not spiritual longing, that led McCain to those right-wing preachers. That, to me, is more cynical and disturbing.

Sven's picture

Wright’s bigoted and

Wright’s bigoted and paranoid rants are appalling, but...

They just had to throw in that itty bitty Sister Souljah sop to preserve their "reasonable" ivory tower street cred. Fargin' iceholes.

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I'm pretty sure the reason

I'm pretty sure the reason to attend Wright's church was because it was the thing to do if you wanted to be an up and comer in Chicago. It worked for Barak and only back fired a little.

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