Oct 2 2017
06:31 am

Shooter unleashed multiple volleys of sustained automatic weapons fire from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay onto crowd of 25,000 below. 50+ dead, more than 200 400 500 wounded. 64 year old white male shooter found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound by SWAT team.


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According to a crude

According to a crude measurement on Google Maps, the shooter was firing from ~350 yards away.

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Apparently this was all about

Apparently this was all about numbers. The distance and weapons choices make sniping incredibly difficult. However, firing into a packed crowd made doing human damage impossible to avoid.

OTOH, if every single person in that crowd had been armed with an AR-15 ready to fire with a large capacity magazine, it is unlikely in the extreme they could have prevented a single death and quite likely that more would have died in the resulting confusion.

After practicing on school children, Gays, minorities, and women, mass murderers that use firearms are finally moving to targeting real Amurikkkans.

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firing into a packed crowd

firing into a packed crowd made doing human damage impossible to avoid.

Some asshole "analyst" on CNN this morning kept referring to the shooter "firing into biomass". Not a crowd of humans. "Biomass."

That creep ought to be on somebody's watch list.

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Tearjerker alert, one of so

Tearjerker alert, one of so many

Heather Gooze, a Las Vegas shooting survivor who held the hand of Jordan McIldoon as he died from gunshot wounds.

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