Oct 10 2020
05:44 am
By: bizgrrl


I now think of this every time I go out and see someone with a mask below their nose.

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Heard some have been

Heard some have been admonished with
"You don't wear your underwear like that , do you?"

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Doesn't understand science

Doesn't understand science AKA "going nose commando."

h/t Andy Slavitt's podcast, which everyone should listen to.

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Was at my Drs. office Thursday & while waiting I saw a man walking towards the exam rooms without a mask. I authoritatively asked "are you going back there without a mask?" He replied "I've got it in my pocket." I couldn't resist telling him that that was a good place for it! When I got in the exam room I told my Dr. about it. He said "good for you - if you hadn't told him I would. I run a tight ship around here." When the guy left, he had his mask ON. I'm sure he had been reprimanded by the staff.

I encourage others to do likewise. Unfortunately we can't just go up to them and shake them until they squeal like a pig! We may just get through to a few of these folks. You'll want to confirm that they're not armed first.

I think that now is just not the time for proper etiquette. Lives may depend on voicing your concern.

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I'm not totally certain if it

I'm not totally certain if it bothers me much with these people who won't cover their nose with their mask. I just figure they are lowly mouth breathers.

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But if they do breathe through their noses

They're unprotected, but maybe one doesn't spew forth as much aerosols from the nose compared to speaking, etc., if that's the thinking.

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I was really only joking in a

I was really only joking in a twisted sarcastic kinda way. I really don't know the science of how it is spread but I feel an uncovered nose can probably spread the aerosols further than the mouth, like a pressurized spray nozzle on a water hose compared to a normal hose without a sprayer.

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I got it, mostly. I've seen

I got it, mostly. I've seen no studies either, but figured most breathing wouldn't be like expelling from mouth while talking, coughing, or sneezing. Or panting. But your hypothesis may well be correct. Cross-sectional area vs. velocity.

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White House: Tennessee mask mandate ‘must be implemented’

The White House quietly told Tennessee early this week that “a statewide mask mandate must be implemented” to curb its growing spread of COVID-19, strong instructions that the White House and governor did not discuss publicly before the report emerged in a records request.

White House: Tennessee mask mandate ‘must be implemented’

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The scoop from WUOT


Congratulations to WUOT on breaking this story. That's heads up reporting.

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