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Lumpy's attacker

It's sad, funny and ... something else ... all at once.

Number9's picture

I wondered if he used to

I wondered if he used to work at McDonald's?

redmondkr's picture

I wonder if Lumpy, or

I wonder if Lumpy, or anybody else, could have been so gracious after seeing that site.  If so, you're a better man than I.


"Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." - Ludwig van Beethoven


SteveMule's picture

What a loser!

So the bitches can't handle him huh? Well, I don't think the bitches have anything to worry about, at least for the next few years. I think he needs to worry about being a bitch. What a total embarrassment to the male gender.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


Scott1202's picture

What a fine young man.  And

What a fine young man.  And a talented writer to boot! Knoxville will sure miss him.

SayUncle's picture

Clearly, he's a fine, young

Clearly, he's a fine, young man worthy of redemption, bitches.

Can't we all just get a long gun?

Number9's picture

Does this really work? Can

Does this really work? Can you get a date with this K-Fed act? Any girl that would go out with this troglodyte hipster is mentally ill. I have serious doubts about the future of social security. Am I alone in thinking we will be building more jails?

The rebel without a cause has morphed into the idiot without a clue.

Andy Axel's picture

The rebel without a cause

The rebel without a cause has morphed into the idiot without a clue.

Thus it always has been, and thus it always shall be.

(Jim Stark wasn't quite an intellectual champion either.)


You can live a batter life, or a butter life. Or both, if you choose.

talidapali's picture

Dear Sweet

Christ I am so tired of wannabe gangstas... 

Do any of these kids have any idea how ridiculous they sound and look????

This guy need not worry about how the bitches will handle him...I foresee a very bitchless future for him even after he gets out of jail. 

"You can't fix stupid..." Ron White

redmondkr's picture

I foresee a very bitchless

I foresee a very bitchless future for him . . . .

I don't think so.  Unless Knox County's notorious catch and release program kicks in, this guy will not see a bitchless future.  As Stevemule implied, he will be probably become somebody's bitch.

"Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves." - Carl Sagan


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Ya'll jus a bunch uh playa hatin biaches round herre. Ain't da peeps innocent till proven guilty? You fools are trippin...

SteveMule's picture

It's a PRESUMPTION pf Innocence

The perps are PRESUMED to be innocent. You presume them to be innocent and conduct the legal process as such. The state must then prove thier guilt, if the state can't or doesn't then they are judged innocent and released. In this particular case the perp is guilty and everyone knows that. Nevertheless, the presumption of innocence is demands that the perp be given all the rights provided under the law and that the legal process chug ahead with that in mind.

In this case the question of guilt or innocence is pretty clear. However, in most cases it is not. In order to protect the legal process and thus increase the probability of achiving Justice the process must be carried out. Altho in this case I expect the the perp will plead guilty and save everyone the spectecle of a futile legal battle.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


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