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Little River Trading Co. had their official season grand opening today at Louisville Point Park. They have a nice assortment of kayaks and stand up paddle boards for rent, including tandem sit on top kayaks, and the rates are reasonable.

Louisville Point Park is a great spot for paddling. You can go out on the main channel of the Tennesse River/Fort Loudoun Reservoir, or back in the coves and islands for a quieter paddle out of the wind and away from the power boats. Little River Trading has a map and can suggest paddles to nearby destinations and the sights to look out for, such as nesting ospreys. (We saw bald eagles there earlier in the year.)

There's a nice boat launch at the park, and Little River Trading uses a spot right next to it to put boats in and out. The great thing about renting here is that they will help you load the boat in and out, and you don't have to load it on and off your car -- just drop off the boat when you're done and be on your way. Even though we have a kayak, we will definitely try it out.

Charles Woody of Little River Trading said this is their second year at the park, and the response has been great. He said Joe Huff of Blount Co. Parks and Recreation approached them last year about setting up a boat rental service at the park, which is owned by the City of Louisville. Mr. Woody said it was a great opportunity for them and for park visitors.

Rental hours are from 11AM to 7PM, seven days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Rental rates for single kayaks are $12 per hour, $25 for a half day (3 hours), or $35 for a full day. For Stand up paddle boards, canoes, and tandem kayaks, the rates are $18 per hour, $35 for a half day, and $45 for a full day. Paddles and life vests are provided. (Note: they don't currently have doggie life vests, so bring your own if needed.)

In addition to canoe, kayak and paddle board sales and rentals, Little River Trading has an extensive line of hiking, bicycling and outdoor gear. They also sponsor pint nights to support local organizations. Mr. Woody said everyone is welcome to come by and hang out.

The rentals at Louisville Point Park are a great addition to the outdoor recreation opportunities in the Blount Co. and surrounding areas, and a nice new amenity for the park.

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