The Times Free Press reports on a PTA forum with Hamilton School Board members and area state legislators. The lawmakers were peppered with questions about equality and accountability with regard to charter schools and vouchers, but they didn't have many answers.

State legislators in attendance included Sen. Bo Watson, newly elected Sen. Todd Gardenhire and Rep. Richard Floyd, all Republicans. Watson is a physical therapist. Gardenhire is a financial consultant with Morgan Stanley. Floyd, who spoke out in support of vouchers, is retired from Coca-Cola.

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Floyd introduced the bill in

Floyd introduced the bill that would ban transgendered people from using public restrooms that helped Tennessee land the #1 spot on Mother Jones' worst state legislatures list. Watson sponsored it in the Senate.

These are the people who are making education policy in the State of Tennessee.

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Get Ready to Fight

Looking over the voucher commission report offers very little but the standard [and very broad] suggestions/options that one would expect from such a document. The details will be worked out in the sausage machine.

These jokers have no idea what they're doing, and issues such as equality and accountability are not even on their radar screen. The amount of accountability built into the system will be directly proportional to the amount of hell raised by voters. It is a done deal, only the specifics are in question.

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Does it matter to anyone

that vouchers have never worked to improve student learning and that in FL voucher programs have been rampant with fraud???????




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