Nov 6 2012
06:36 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Hopefully we will start getting some local results shortly after 8PM. Discuss here, and post any news flashes, etc. re. state house/senate races, etc.

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From Knox Co. Election Admin.

From Knox Co. Election Admin. Cliff Rodgers at 7PM:

Knox County Expects to Delay Releasing Results Tonight

Due to lines at polling places, Knox County election officials expect to delay releasing election results tonight.

“We cannot release election results while folks are waiting to vote,” said Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers. “Voters in line when the polls close at 8 pm will be allowed to vote. It may take awhile.”

Wet weather hasn’t deterred folks from the polls today.

“We’re pleased by today’s turnout so far,” Administrator Rodgers said. “It’s not too late. Go vote!”

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Davidson County early vote

Davidson County early vote totals for Senate. Note: Clayton within a rounding error of Corker.

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Statewide, that result was

Statewide, that result was never in question. It's still interesting to see that the yellow-dog factor still sticks in Blue Davidson. Guess the news of the TNDP "disavowal" had about zero reach.

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Pond Gap

Gloria 201
Gary 181

Massey 214
Gill 190

Duncan 235
Goddale 142

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Tweet from party

Gloria thinks she's won- from register tape totals?

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Register tape totals

That's what I'd be using. Always have people at all the major polls to pick up results at 8. Add those to early voting and you've got the result unless it's ridiculously close.

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EV posted (link...)

EV posted


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39 of 85 reporting, Gloria

39 of 85 reporting, Gloria takes a slight lead.

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Hancock, Miller, Gill fall

Hancock, Miller, Gill and Goodale fall short.

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A bit of news from oliver springs

I worked the polls at the Norwood precinct in Anderson Co. We had 6 voting machines for the Aug. Primary. But only had 4 for the general election today.

We had a line of about 25 folks waiting to vote when we opened our doors at 9 am. The line stayed out the door for the following 2 hours.

It slowed down around 12pn...then kicked back up around 2:30 - 3:00pm and stayed Very steady until 6:45. folks coming in pretty much dried up after that. We never had more than one or two in the area after that.

Anderson Co is a pretty red county...and the vote shows that except for the race Between Ragan and Hackwotrh...I would have figured it would have gone Ragaon, but Hackworth won our precinct by about 20ish votes if I remember correctly 330 to 309. I think our total number of voters was 675. pretty good turn out ....

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68 of 85 reporting, Gloria

68 of 85 reporting, Gloria has a solid 50 to 45 lead. Looks like a big win for her tonight.

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Cliff Rodgers says they are

Cliff Rodgers says they are still counting absentee ballots and will be late into the night. Doesn't say if there are enough left to flip any outcomes. Gloria is up by about 400.

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