Aug 12 2014
11:57 am

What's the deal with useless, annoying images taking up valuable screen space on local media websites and twitter feeds? Click the above image for some examples.

Local TV Twitter feeds are the worst. On my desktop, they clutter up the feed. On my tablet, where they aren't shown inline, it's even more annoying when you tap the pic link expecting a related photo and get a generic stock photo. (Not all local TV twitter pics are useless. Sometimes they have a weather forecast or something relevant.)

The News Sentinel's new website is another main offender. When viewing on a tablet or desktop, the useless, unrelated images take up the entire screen before you get to the story. (Again, it's not always the case but it happens frequently enough to be annoying.)

I know. With all the real problems in the world this is a petty complaint. But c'mon. They could at least be a little professional about it.

(And don't even get me started about how messed up WBIR's website layout is on a tablet.)

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Generic, stock photos that

Generic, stock photos that waste my time and bandwidth?

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