Sep 13 2020
09:13 am

There are now 374 ICU beds in the Knox County area. Prior to September 1, 2020, there were 278 beds.

If the local hospitals hadn't added more ICU beds there would be a shortage of 34 ICU beds. There is still only a 16.6% available capacity of ICU beds. This may be the lowest ICU bed availability since 7/21/2020.

Luckily our local hospitals are able to adapt.

Yes, we are all getting tired of the pandemic. We want to go out and play, attend ball games, go on vacation, visit with our friends. It is important to remember that there are many people getting sick and dying. Wear your mask, keep your distance, be kind to others.

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ICU bed count

Do we have any idea what role C-19 plays in changes in ICU bed usage? Current C19 hospitalizations are running essentially the same as two months ago: between 30 and 40. (Yesterday: 33 total Knox Countian COVID-designated hospitalizations.)

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Fluctuating numbers

I missed that drop yesterday, though it is in line with how a trailing statistic would work, and how they have worked, with our local outbreak.

We've actually been running in the 40-50 caseloads lately with an uptick in cases consistent with what Dr. Shimeya (sp?) reported and predicted.

You may recall and want to check out the archives of the Board of Health meetings around the start of July. He laid out the formula there for predicting number of hospitalizations per cases of covid. The drop you saw yesterday is reflective of the early days of the mask ordinance. Thus far, like virtually everything the Board has said and done, their numbers, predictions and regulations have all been spot on as to what to expect and the best way to mitigate those numbers. We have seen a temporary downturn in hospitalizations and deaths that is reflective of the downturn (flattening) of the active case load in late July and early August.

Hopefully this downward tic will last while we try to get to a workable solution to keep case numbers down. There is no way to get around the fact that it looks like we will likely be put in a position where we have to forfeit football games due to the virus. Plowman has asked for help. Jacobs says no help is coming from the county, and he and Governor Lee stripped Mayor Kincannon of any powers she had to deal with this virus back in April.

Watch and chart the daily movement of relevent case statistics. It's fascinating and should give you the insights to answer your own question.

And buckle up. The next month or so is going to be bizarre. The only study done so far on college athletes and covid suggest 30%+ still show heart damage after three months and most of them still show after 7 weeks. If we as a community don't start actively working to keep football season, we will lose at least some of it. Read between the lines. If Plowman doesn't get some help, drastic measures will follow.

The short answer to your question is yes. The Board of Health figured out that formula a couple months ago and it plays into all their decisions.

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The KCHD C19 page appears to

The KCHD C19 page appears to show 45 C19 patients in the ICU.

Good question. Wonder why they had to up the number of ICU beds by 102 in the past month. Planning for future?

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Not everybody in ICU is there

Not everybody in ICU is there for covid. Covid cases are in addition to "normal" cases, though. Plus, we are coming up on flu season.

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45 ICU beds in use vs 33 total hospitalizations

The ICU data (45 ICU C19 patients) is a different dataset. That same dataset also shows 128 C19 hospitalizations. That is the data from 19 area hospitals, regardless of a patient's county of residence. The daily hospitalizations figure (currently 34) is (supposedly) Knox County residents, regardless of the actual hospital.

The KCHD C19 page appears to show 45 C19 patients in the ICU.

Good question. Wonder why they had to up the number of ICU beds by 102 in the past month. Planning for future?

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Either way, there are 102

Either way, there are 102 more ICU beds now than there were. Don't know why. Planning for?

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The graphs

I think the trend being discussed is in the bottom of the page in the utilization graphs.


Health Care Systems capabilities.

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Knox County are now reporting

Knox County are now reporting 278 ICU beds again.

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I was talking to a nurse from Tennova today and she said they have added another entire floor of beds due to demand.

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