Sep 22 2013
09:50 pm
By: Bbeanster  shortURL

This is on Facebook tonight, from Lloyd's friend and 'Chief of Staff' Keitha:

Friends, this is Keitha posting for Lloyd. Lloyd is very ill and in the hospital right now. The Doctors have not determined the cause of his sudden decline in health, other than the ongoing issues he has faced for the past few decades. I am sincerely asking for prayers for Lloyd that the Doctors may find a solution and that above all, the Lord God Almighty would send yet another miracle his way. I will keep you updated and thank you in advance for your prayers for Lloyd, a remarkable, kind and gifted person. -Keitha Kelley

I checked almost every category box on the list, because Lloyd has been involved in so many issues. He is best known as a conservative, but I cannot count the number of Democrats and Progressives (from Amy Broyles and Dawn Coppock to Harold Ford Jr.) who have told me that he was always fair to them on his radio show. He is a good man.

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Lloyd and Lincoln Davis always saw things about the same

Lloyd's conservative logic was always sound and his delivery and articulation of certain salient points has always been pretty good.

Hope he gets well. He is a good man.

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I hope they do find a

I hope they do find a solution. I'm sure he is in good hands. He is in our prayers.

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When I got involved in radio years ago the one guy who helped me more than any other was Lloyd. He is the definition of a principled human being and a man I consider my friend. The only thing I miss more than our lengthy philosophical meanderings on the legitimate functions of government, is Lloyd's keen knowledge of professional football and his outstanding loyalty to the greatest team in America.

Godspeed Lloyd and please recover quickly. The world needs you.

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Lloyd's doing better this morning.
Ate breakfast and asked for bacon.

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Lloyd was always fair to me

Lloyd was always fair to me as well. I was on his show a few times during my first race for mayor in 2003.

Bbeanster's picture

Heck, Mayor, he even kinda,

Heck, Mayor, he even kinda, sorta endorsed you last election.

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Now let's not go and ruin his

Now let's not go and ruin his good reputation among his more conservative followers!

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His positions on most issues

His positions on most issues were thoughtful and rational. I was on his show once, opposite Susan Richardson Williams ...

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Well Wishes

I was on Lloyd's show during the Midway brouhaha. He was super nice to me and very supportive of the community's opposition to wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on an industrial park with no sewer. I hope he is feeling better soon.

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